Sunday, February 19, 2012

I won't get too melodramatic, but I did have one parting comment regarding my grandfather's funeral on Saturday. First off, the funeral was so damn inspirational. He was a great, great man who loved God, his wife, is church and is job before he retired. I've attended some funerals where there is either a) an elephant in the room surrounding the circumstances of their death or b)a struggle to find positive things to say. There were no such issues with my grandfather's funeral and it made me proud.

But after all the festivities were over and my uncle and I were leaving my grandmother's place, I noticed one last thing. At the nursing home where my grandparents had been the past couple years, every room had a nameplate outside of the door--this was done to promote a community atmosphere among other reasons. I saw the one outside my grandparents door and I smiled, then cried. It is still a little sad now, but that is temporary of course. I'm proud to have known and loved my grandfather.

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