Tuesday, March 20, 2012

As tough as yesterday's daycare-related activities were, today was a lot smoother. I drove young Nyles to daycare this morning, he wiggled free of one sock, I found the sock in a puddle, the daycare went to the backup pair, I signed paperwork and I rolled out. I kissed Nyles, but he was fixated on the yellow calendar with the day's activities, and he barely looked at me. All is well for now. And he slept relatively well last night, so whatever went out at daycare needs to continue.

Someone told me yesterday that considering I have two sons, I need to write or say something about this Trayvon Martin murder situation. I disagree. I have nothing to say on that, because from my vantage point, things seem pretty cut and dry and the much-delayed wheels are finally in motion..kind of. But I'm not going to waste (more) time discussing something that is currently being discussed (and justifiably) on every medium known to man. Not to mention, I work for the Dept. of Justice, and it is been my job to have those discussions that past few days. I've said too much already..besides, if you want it discussed, start your own blog and go crazy with this issue.

And while you're at it, go buy Esperanza Spalding's new cd which came out today.

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