Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A few days ago my friend Valerie wrote a scathing blog entry about how she felt (that day I might add) about kids as they related to her wallet and other things. I read it twice, and both times I said "goddamn" out loud. She threw in nice things about her son at the very end, but not before getting her point across loud and clear. I thought it was harsh, but I knew I had not come even close to seeing what she had seen, so I didn't dare judge--ok maybe a little.

Then came last night, when Nyles decided to inflict pain and inconvenience on his mother and father. I know it wasn't intentional and I know he's just an infant and these things can and will happen millions of more times. Still, yesterday, I had to work from 9-5:30, and then I had a Wizards game from 7-10, so I was beat. The wife had spent all day trying to get young Nyles to nap (to no avail), plus she's emotional because we're trying to get him to cry himself to sleep, as opposed to being rocked. So the wife and I were dead tired, and Nyles basically said, "F**k you and your fatigue, I'm about to add to it!"

He vomited, he cried, he screamed, he was up every hour, he laughed at us while we changed his diaper, he kicked my wife's breasts, he smashed my balls like LL squashed the imaginary jellybean, and it all added up to a sleepless night. My wife and I may have slept 90 minutes total. And for a second, I thought back to Valerie's blog, and I silently gave her a high five.

I want to say all is well now, but I'm shoo-in to fall asleep in at my desk in T minus 2 hours..I love Nyles and all, but damn...

I know 90% of you could give a flying f**k about basketball, but my main man Kyle gave me a chance to do something on ESPN's site, and you can read it right here (scroll down to the Wizards game). It is small, and it wasn't as fun or difficult as it was to tweet about the game (via an ESPN account) all evening, but it is something..

The first two lines of this song are how I feel this morning


Me said...

lol, sometimes the truth hurts. what i wrote was the elephant in a room full of parents. nobody ever wants to be the one to admit it for fear of ridicule. but fuck that. hahaha. someday you will look back on it all and laugh. but while youre loving through it...not so funny, i know. xxoo to u and the Mrs

Me said...

...that should have said "living" through it. :/