Monday, March 19, 2012

I wrote an entire blog entry the other day, where I asked my four loyal readers to say a prayer or send positive vibes for my wife, since today was Nyles' first day at daycare. In doing so, I totally glossed over the emotions I would have about this same event. Nyles did not cry or get upset, he was just observing his temporary day caretakers as well as the other scenery. His mother didn't cry in front of me, but I'm sure she did when she closed the door to her office. And I held it together until one of my co-workers asked my how my wife as holding up...of course I'm way too smooth to cry in front of anyone I work with, but I came in the office and released the emotions.

And with those same emotions came a bunch of rhetorical questions: Why don't I live closer to family so they could watch Nyles? Why don't I make more money so the wife can stay home longer? Why haven't I hit the lottery? Needless to say, today is rough for both of us today; however, parents (single and married) have been dealing with these types of issue for years, and they got over it, as will we. It's still a bitch though..

Here's Nyles with his Hampton University football that aunt Janelle bought for him:

And here's some humor about the issue of crying when no one is around...

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