Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I realized just now that I had good news in my life on Friday, but I neglected to write about it. I had an MRI on my brain on Thursday morning (it was just as agonizing as I remember) and on Friday afternoon around 5pm, they doctor called me and said that I was 100 percent healthy. The tumor they found on the CT Scan did not show up on the MRI, and the doctor blamed this on artifact (something I had never heard of until that day). I suppose I should be angry that the doctor put me through a few days of absolute terror and negative thoughts, but I am happier that I don't need surgery, radiation or anything of the sort. I still have to see a neurologist because I am still having intermittent headaches, so that concerns me a bit.

Part of me wishes I hadn't said anything to anyone until after the MRI, because I caused lots of people to worry over something that was ultimately nothing. Still, I was scared as hell, and who expects the doctors to be THAT wrong? I sure as hell didn't. Still, any mistake that results in things turning out in my favor is a great thing.

Now, per my dad's instructions, I need to a get the type of job that will allow me to write for a living, so I can finally be happy. I don't need someone to throw the "life is short" cliche' at me right now, because I got a taste of it last week.

Good times.


maxwellsmusze said...

so glad that you're okay and won't need to have any surgery! WHEW!

Jazzbrew said...

I forgot to tell you about this but I went through a battery of tests for a heart condition that popped up on an EKG reading about 7 years ago. After going through hell and being scared to death (thanks WebMD) it turned out the EKG device was faulty.

Glad you're good to go my friend. Good times indeed.

maxwellsmusze said...

@jazzbrew WebMD is the devil! it will have you think ing you're gonna die from a common cold.