Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I sat up in here on Friday saying I was going to write everyday, and I totally forgot that I would be celebrating my anniversary which would severely hinder my ability to author a blog entry. So now I am back.

I am in line for a promotion at my new job, and the guy who is recommending me to take this new position, asked me to forward my resume, so he could present it to HIS boss. I forwarded the most recent copy of resume to him, and I waited to hear some good news. Two days later my guy called me and said I needed to rework my resume, and when I asked him why, he told me that his boss took one look at my resume and said, "This guy is not a manager, he's a writer." I chuckled when when I read that.

The resume I sent over was the one I send out when I am trying to get a writing position (sports or technical writing). I lead with my writing accomplishments with basketball and other jobs that I have held, and I backload the resume with my managerial positions. 99-percent of all the jobs I've applied for are related to writing, because frankly I have no desire to manage people anymore. I mean any fool who reads this blog can see that I operate best in a sparsely-populated vacuum, not a scenario when I am the center of work people's universe. Unfortunately, managing is where the money is, and I know I'm not supposed to follow the money, but I have a family and lots of bills, so for now writing will be on the side, until a lucrative position in the field reveals itself unto me. I digress.

The timing of hearing that someone seeing my resume and thinking that writing is my calling came the same day of me making my grand declaration to write every damn day. Not to turn this blog into some type of Stuart Smalley affirmation, but I know I can write well enough--whether it is technical writing, sports writing, book writing--to sustain myself, but I have not pursued it as fervently as I should have. At least I had not until last week. This "he's a writer" comment is yet another kick in the ass, and confirmation that I'm on the right path.

With that being said, go read my latest article.

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