Thursday, April 21, 2016

This video never gets old...and it is still true in 2016. Black folks don't appreciate jazz(an art form we created), but would rather listen to watered-down smooth jazz which is perfectly respectable if you're an individual who never heard real, intricate jazz played live or recorded. Conversely, white folks like smooth jazz but they LOVE real, authentic jazz. Of course there are exceptions to this rule but the next time you go to a jazz show, do a mental count in your head and get back to me. And yes I'm biased, because I absolutely love jazz music and I don't get how everyone doesn't but I especially don't get how the watered down smooth jazz is more appealing folks. It is like drinking Riesling over a fine, 2011 Coppola Merlot. Anyway, back to the video:

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Jazzbrew said...

You just hit on a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I don't think the music should be watered down to bring our people back to it. There is a way to play something relevant to today and still maintain the heart and soul of what jazz is - exciting, revolutionary, adventurous, soul touching and real.

At the same time I think some artists get too caught up in being innovative. Jeremy Pelt said to me that innovation should never be done for the sake of being innovative. Honestly, some of the stuff people call innovative makes my head hurt... I've walked out of a few shows like that. It sounded like slightly organized noise.

I'll shut up now.... but I agree with you 100%.