Sunday, December 31, 2006

So, I am here in Newark, NJ, hanging with a friend of mine, sipping on some wine concoction that she's hooked up and I am feeling nice right about now. real nice. this is most likely the last journal/blog entry I will bless myself and you all with this year. I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading and supporting this blog. I REALLY appreciate you all appreciated my writing and my life..well most of my life. Some of it I keep secret, but I vow to be more revealing in the new year. My other resolutions?

1) To get healthy
2)to get these braces off....again
3)to finally get new glasses
4)to stay consistent with my personal trainer (yes arminta, i vow to do this)
5)to have better sex

I'm sure I'll add to this list, but right now that is it.
So again, thank you. good night and good luck

Oh and by the way, that bullshit about whoever you spend New Year's Eve with is how your year will go, is extreme bullshit. Last year, i spent New Year's Eve with my boys Kevin and cliff, drinking scotch, and smoking cigars...and that had nothing to do with my year..



Aisha said...

I thought I saw you hiding your braces. I was confused because I didnt remember them from the summer.

Jo said...

It's not "whoever you spend your New Year's Eve with", it's . . . "how you spend your New Year's Eve will be how you spend the rest of the year". However, if it was WHOEVER, since you spent your New Year's Eve with me, then this year would be destined to be FABULOUS . . .but it's not, which explains why you spent all of last year chillin' way too hard and drinking too much and smoking too many cigars! LOL!

As for the braces, you know how I feel about them. Have you ever sat down and though about how many eligible women you might actually scare away with that one. I mean come on now Rashad, I just don't get it. You might have already screwed up your chances with the one and ALL because of the lower teeth brace thing you got going on. Enough is enough - make that dentists appointment NOW!