Sunday, February 28, 2010

So last night I went see a musical version of High Fidelity, which I have labeled many many times as my favorite movie. The play was held at the District of Columbia Arts Center, and it seats around 50 people. I was supposed to go with the lady, but she had a prior engagement, so I rolled solo for the first time in awhile.

While I sat and waited for the doors to open, I learned that this play (as well as the movie) was based on a book by Nick Hornby that I now need to purchase. I also learned that people feel sorry for you if you're out by yourself. I had two people point out to me (as if I did not know) that I was there alone, like I had the Ebola virus or something. I could not wait for the show to start so they could leave me alone.

The actual play was surprisingly good. I can't say I had any expectations, considering it was a small production in a small theater, but I was pleasantly surprised. The singing was great, the band (two guitarists, two keyboardists, and a drummer) added to the experience, and the acting was believable and funny. Whenever I go see plays I wait for that moment where I forget I'm watching a play, and just focus on the story at hand, and last night that moment came rather quickly--that's a great thing. Seeing this play made me not only want to see the movie again, but as I said earlier, I will purchase the book as well. So if this production comes to your town, I suggest you go see it.

And now, I will post my favorite scene from the movie:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Prince, entitled "Cause and Effect"
My article from last night

Friday, February 26, 2010

So after work last night, I went to the barbershop to get my haircut. The beard was getting a little unruly, last week's shape up was starting to unravel, and I needed my barber to make me feel and look less Artestian. When I walked into the shop, my barber informed that he had one more person to tend to before he got me, and I said no problem. The tv was on, I had emails to navigate through on my phone, so I had no problems waiting.

As my barber was accepting the tip from the previous client, his phone rang, and he initially struggled to locate where it was. At first I paid it no mind, and then I recognized the ringtone. It was from Sex and the City. In my mind, I was like, "What the f**k is this? But I didn't dare say anything because I needed a haircut, not only today, but many many days in the future. Biting the hand that cuts me (so to speak) would not be the way to go. Still, I did not understand why a 50 year old, allegedly straight man with locs, had a Sex and the City ringtone. What made it even more puzzling is that none of the other barbers even flinched. I don't know whether they were too busy with their clients, or maybe they simply didn't hear it. Or maybe they didn't recognize the ringtone. But I did. Not because I like the show (I can't stand it), but because I have a Pavlovian reaction to change the channel or leave the room when I hear it.

Anyway, when I got in the chair, I HAD to bring it up, but it had to be done in a tasteful fashion. I wanted to hear his explanation, but I didn't want to call too much attention to it. I asked him about it, and he didn't deny it, and he even started smiling, and I left it alone. Something was/is clearly wrong there. I don't have the most masculine ringtone ever invented on my phone, but it damn sure isn't a show geared towards women and ghey men. And someone mentioned to me that maybe that is his ringtone for when his girlfriend calls. That is still unacceptable. I have a ringtone for my lady, and its Maxwell. Sure he's feminine, but the song masks.

It occurs to me that maybe I'm too old to have ringtones on my phone. It also occurs to me that this rant could quite possibly be interpreted as homophobic. It is not. Its falls on the pro-masculine side.

But like I said, I can't go anywhere, so I just have suck it up. Luckily for me, I have a blog where I can vent sans consequences. And now, I present the main ringtone for my phone..

Angela (the theme from Taxi) - Bob James

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Considering how I'm not even two years into it, I probably should not complain about the tremendous opportunity and privilege I have had to cover the NBA. But I will. Just for today.

This week is kicking my ass. I've had to cover a game on Monday and Wednesday, and there's another one tomorrow. Each one of those games virtually guarantee a 1am bed time or later, and then the next day I have to hammer out an article, in between trying to work at my regular job. Someone in there I have to find time for myself, my lady, and other things like family, reading, working out, etc. Its not impossible, because I have been doing with varying degrees of success, and I know and work with people who have to do more with less..but f**k them, this is about me right now.

**Sidebar** I hate when people try to minimize my issues by saying things like, "You shouldn't complain, there are people in Haiti who have nothing, and they are keeping a positive attitude." You know what? Good for them. I wish them continued success because what happened to them is tragic. That in no way means I can't complain, maybe it just means I can't complain as long as I'd like. But don't play the Haiti card with me.**End Sidebar**

I woke up this morning, and my body hurt, I wanted to sleep in, but all I was thinking about was a)what am I going to write about today b)when the hell am I going to figure out how to edit video from this flip cam and c)why are there so many damn Wizards home games as of late. And now that I've gotten all that out of my system, I will man up and continue to do this without complaint. I'm having too much fun, but today is just one of those days I suppose.

In what seems to be a daily segment here in my blog, I would like to apologize to the guy who bumped into me, dropped his cell phone down the escalator, and then started cursing loudly and often. You were so busy texting with your head down, that you didn't see me running down the escalator to catch the train. You KEPT your head down and moved from the right side of the escalator where people were standing, and tried to move to the left side where people were walking (I was running). I saw you moving over, but a)I wasn't stopping b)I am not equipped with a horn and c)even I thought I should stop, when I saw you texting with your head down, I swear I sped up. I ran right into your phone, it tumbled down, and the cursing began. As the train sped away with me on it, and you weer picking up the pieces, I felt bad. You gotta keep that head up though...that's what he said.

Phil Collins - I Missed Again

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is the time of the year (at least it has been for the past 4 or 5 years) when I call up my father and ask him if he is down to attend the Penn Relays. My father has been a track and field fan his entire life, and it hurts him to see how the sport has been basically relegated to an afterthought. Track meets rarely come on television these days, and if they do, they are aired about 3 weeks after they actually happened, and nobody cares at that point. During Summer Olympic years (the only Olympics worth watching in my opinion, damn these Winter Games), ESPN steps up their track coverage, but its not nearly enough to satisfy my father's (or mine really) appetite. So the Penn Relays is ALL track, all day, for all ages, so I know he'll be down to go.

But something always comes up to prevent us from actually going. Either I will have something to do, or he has something to do that he previously neglected or he and I will just forget to follow through with the other. Now its actually a running joke with us. He'll say, "So yeah how are the Penn Relays looking this year?", and I'll laugh and say, "I'm ready when you are", but not a damn thing happens.

But when Julius Erving turned 60 the other day, I realized that means that my father will also hit that milestone, and all types of good and bad thoughts ran through my head. And one of the main thoughts that made its way to the forefront of my mind was the damn Penn Relays. I am DETERMINED to get that man to Philly this year to see some damn track and field, and I may even need to enlist the help of my brother to do this. It can be an all man trip with my son and my nephew coming along as well, or maybe its just me and my dad, or whatever combination, I don't really care. I just need to make sure that man gets his wish, and that I record some video and take pictures. These things cannot be taken for granted.

So I'm writing this has a reminder to myself. Sorry if this bored you. Oh and if any of you people are interested in seeing the musical version of the GREAT movie High Fidelity, please let me know. I may have one or two tickets available.

Here is yet another article I wrote.

That's all - Genesis

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First off, I would like to shout out the older black woman who works at the Jewish Community Center where I swim. I know it has been a good three weeks since I've been swimming, and its possible that you forgot what I look like, even though I've been coming there since January of last year. But when it is 6:03, and the center opens at 6am, and you look outside at me twice and don't open the door, its a problem. And when you leave and come back with the janitor who finally opens the door at 6:05, its a bigger problem. But when I walk by you and say good morning, and you say, "Boy I didn't recognize you, that's why I didn't open the door. I thought you were coming to rob the place or something, you can never be too careful", you deserve to be slapped repeatedly (by another woman of course not me). And your attempt to laugh it off, and then touch my shoulder, was even worse. Tomorrow, I WILL rob you.

I would also like to shout out the woman who hands out the statistics for the Washington Wizards. It won't kill you to say hello just once. I've seen you speak to other staff members, other bloggers, fans, etc, but you refuse to speak to me for some reason. I know you're attractive, and you probably think every man wants your stuck up ass, but its simply not the case. I just want some pleasantries with my stats delivery, is that so hard? The other woman who hands out the stats seems to have grasped this concept, and so has the other guy who does the same job. But you are lagging behind, and its annoying. It you didn't speak to anyone, I'd give less than a flying f**k whether you spoke, but since it seems to be directed towards me, you can GFY.

And lastly, I would like to extend warm greetings and salutations to whoever organized the black history tribute yesterday at the Verizon Center. Yesterday's black history moment celebration, was for a picture of Julius Erving to be shown, as well as announcement that yesterday was his birthday. What the f**k does that have to do with black history month? Dr. J played ball, he was black, his birthday is in February, and BOOM a black history lesson/moment is born? Come on man, do better, and think harder..teach people about the Harlem Rens or something..that's history. I love Dr. J as much as the next man, but come on..

Misunderstanding - Genesis

Monday, February 22, 2010

Today is my day off, which means I don't feel like doing jack. Not to mention, I wrote two articles yesterday, and I honestly did not feel like waking up today and writing a single word. I'll be back at it tomorrow, but not before I share some links

1) Here is an excellent article on Roger Ebert. The story is kind of sad, but its inspirational and EXTREMELY well-written. Shoutout to Nichole for hipping me to this

2)Here and here are the two articles I wrote yesterday.

Please read at least two of the three. Would I steer you wrong?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Here is how Tiger Woods' press conference should go today:

"Hello all and thank you for coming out and supporting me. As you all know I am going through some personal issues right now, and while I'm working those out, I'd ask that you continue to give me privacy. And if you don't want to give me privacy, then f**k you, because when I start winning match after match like Edwin Moses, you all will be right back on my d**k, and I'll ignore you.

But the REAL reason I am here, is to announce that I will be returning to golf on March 25 at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. I played there and won last year, I'm comfortable there, and Arnold Palmer is my boy. And to you golfers who have been taking advantage of my personal life issues, and talking sh*t about me, let's remember something: I own you. You can't beat me at golf, so you try to take shots at me while I'm gone, and that's fine. Well I'm back now, and I'm coming for that ass.

Thank you Nike for continuing to hold me down. That was huge...huge!."

If Tiger searched the internets, found my speech, and belted it out verbatim, I'd buy a poster of him and put it up at my job. Then I'd beg him to pay me 100k a year to run his website..but I digress.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Hectic Night At The Verizon Center

By the way, let me discuss something that I am extremely disturbed by right now. I don't know how it happens, or why it happens, but ever since I got my new blackberry, the facebook profiles of the people in my phone are magically popping up. I can be receiving a text message, a blackberry message, an email or just an incoming call, and then I'll see facebook profile pictures. In some cases like with my lady or my brother (who has my nephew in his profile pic) I certainly don't mind looking at the profile fact it makes me smile.

But when my boys Kevin, Cliff or Sabin call, I don't want to see their smiling faces all in my phone. There something not right about getting a phone call or a text from your boy, and you look down at your phone and BAM there they are smiling at you like heyyyy. I need to sit down this weekend and really re-evaluate my relationship with my phone.

I'd also like to take this time to apologize to the lady I laughed at this morning, while walking into work. I saw you fall, but I was too far away to help you out, and when you got up, I thought everything was going to be ok. But when you fell 3 more times, and refused to stop talking on your cell phone, I felt the laughter bubbling up..and then when you fell that fourth time (over that same patch of ice I might add) and you dropped your phone, your bag, and your hat fell off, surely you didn't expect me to keep my composure, and not laugh at your non nimble, clumsy ass. By this point I probably could have helped you, because I had caught up to where you were standing (or falling) but I didn't feel sorry for you, because again, your phone conversation was more important than your balance management. Come to think of it, I'm revoking my apology.

You've Ruined Me - Norah Jones

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First off, if you get a chance, please this story, about Kareem's upcoming movie and the story behind it. Its worth a look.

Last Saturday, while I was in Dallas, I had the opportunity to meet Denver Nuggets coach George Karl. Karl was slated to be the coach of the Western Conference All-Star team, but on this particular day he was doing meet and greets with members of the media. I wanted to interview him and speak to him about basketball matters, but I couldn't seem to catch up with him. Either the crowd around him was too big, or he was talking to friends about non-basketball matters. Eventually I had to move on and talk to other available players and personalities.

But towards the end of the media session, I looked over in a corner somewhere, and I noticed Karl was signing an autograph for a little kid. And after the autograph, he kept talking to the kid about who is favorite player was (it was Carmelo Anthony), how he was enjoying Dallas so far, and what his grades were like in middle school. It was a warm exchange, and it was done away from the cameras and most of the media. As he ended his conversation with the kid and headed back to his hotel, I caught up with Karl, and I was ready to ask him some basketball questions, when I noticed he had teared up a bit.

I asked him if he was ok, and he said yes, but he really didn't want to talk basketball, which I understood. I just told him I admired him as a coach, and I admired his battle with prostrate cancer back in 2005. He shook my hand, thanked me, patted me on the shoulder, and then walked away slowly, and I felt honored to have shared a brief tender moment with him.

Yesterday, Karl announced to the media that cancer had again showed up in his body, except this time it skipped his prostate, and it was in his throat and neck. His plan was to take a leave of absence, get treatments, and then hopefully come back for the playoffs. His press conference was emotional as you might imagine, and at one point he told the media, "You never get used to having cancer," and then he broke down again. The entire Denver Nuggets team was standing behind him in support. He admitted that he knew during All-Star weekend that the cancer has come back, but he wanted to wait until after that weekend so he could tell him team the news first.

This morning, as I watched the press conference again, I told my lady, that you just never know what someone is going through. I saw Karl just a few days ago, sharing a tender moment with a kid, thinking he was just touched by the interaction--meanwhile he was probably thinking about how few of these moments he could have left.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'll be totall honest with you. I'm not recovered from my Dallas trip. That is why my blog sucks right now, that's why I haven't written about the recent Wizards trade, its why I haven't written this story Kareem's publicist wants me to write, and its why I haven't written an All-Star article for Hoops Addict. I'm just totally drained and tired. My apologies. By tomorrow, I'll be back on my grind..whatever that means. Please forgive me.

Monday, February 15, 2010

So I think its safe to finally sit down and do a little bit of reflection on the All-Star experience in Dallas. I left yesterday morning (before the game) so that I could come home and spend Valentine's Day with my lady. And before you attempt to make me feel bad for missing the All-Star game last night, let me attempt to explain why. 1)I interviewed all of the players I wanted to talk to on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday would have been overkill. 2)None of you reading probably remembers this, but February 14, 2009 was the due date for my lady and I's child, before she lost the baby. That is still an emotional subject and day for us, so again, there was no way I was missing yesterday, even with an All-Star game looming. I digress big time..

I'll focus on the good parts first. I met Kobe Bryant and his wife, Bernard Hopkins, Spike Lee, Erykah Badu, Spencer Haywood (for you old school basketball fans), Dell Curry, Jermaine Dupri, Bill Rhoden (writer for the NY Times), Chris Webber, Charles Barkley and countless others. I also met numerous fans who thought I was way more important than I really was, simply because I had press credentials. I was able to walk in front of many men and women who thought they were SO very important and undeserving of waiting in line to gain entry, because I had credentials (which fed my ego I must admit). And of course I gained some good audio clips from the All-Stars, which is why I was there of course. I can't wait to go back next year, when my approach will be much better, and my game plan will be airtight.

Now the list form
1)I was WAY overwhelmed. I mean WAY overwhelmed. Everything moves so quickly, and there was no formal schedule, so you just had to ask around, and navigate your way thru things as best you could. I felt like it was my first time covering sports all over again

2)I had no seating the entire weekend. According to the several people I talked to, the NBA gave out more credentials than they had seating (except for Sunday's game of course which was held in the monstrous Cowboys Stadium), so there were some folks like me who did not get seats. I was also told I was one of the last people to get credentials which further explained why I was on the outside looking in

3)I needed someone there with me. A camera person, a best friend, my girl, someone to share my experience, my jokes, my fears, my frustrations, somebody goddammit. I met folks here and there who I recognized, and I made new contacts, but it simply isn't the same as sharing things with someone who actually knows you and vice versa. A cynic would argue that I need to step out of my comfort zone sometimes, and I totally get that. But I needed balance

4)Remember all those famous people I met above? NONE of them were interested in talking with the microphone fact some of them were great in casual conversation, but then when I wanted to record them for Hoops Addict (except for the All Stars of course) they got all shy and denied me, which pissed me off. Considering there hundreds and hundreds of journalists around, I know why they didn't do it, but still, selfishly speaking, I wanted that you know?

5)The hotel lost my flip cam which had been delivered to the hotel two days before I arrived, and they did not find it until early Sun morning...a few hours before I checked out, and WAY too late for me to capture any footage.

I have other regrets like getting a "speeding" ticket for going 48 in a 35, not writing an actual story or keeping a blog while I was down there, not attending any parties because I was DEAD tired, and missing out on staying downtown with the rest of the writers and journalists, because all the hotels were booked by the time I found out about my credentials. But I won't dwell on the negative. Overall, it was definitely a learning experience, and next year hopefully i'll have a photographer with me, a flip cam of my own, and I'll be armed with a much better game plan.

Oh and I briefly made it on tv. See below at the 2:09-2:24 mark. I'm the one with the green sweater and brown sportscoat

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well I'm here in Dallas, and so far I've found out I have no seating, I've gotten pulled over by the cops, and I've gotten some excellent interviews. No complaints though.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This morning I made it out of the house, and I braved the slushy roads, 3 inch deep water puddles, deep snow, and splashes from passing cars, long enough for me to get to the barbershop. When I got there it was basically empty.. one barber was skipping rope in the middle of the shop, and the other was on the phone presumably talking to a woman. My usual barber was still snowed in, so I was forced to go to my auxiliary barber, who was more than happy to see me. He explained that business had been extremely slow so far during the month of February, and he was worried about making next month's rent, let alone get food and other things to make day to day. He could have been just trying to get a bigger tip from me, but since he wasn't my regular barber, it wasn't happening. Still, I felt bad for him. I suspect there are numerous business suffering financially from this snowstorm.

Speaking of snow, I hear that Dallas is expecting 3-5 inches over the next 48 hours. 3-5 inches isn't that much snow, but to an area like Dallas that barely gets anything, that could be trouble, and flights will be cancelled and/or delayed. At this point, I fear that I may be stuck in airports all damn day. Its bad enough I couldn't get a direct flight from here to Dallas, but to be stuck in Charlotte, unable to get to Dallas would not be good. Given the paragraph I just wrote about someone not being able to make their rent, this seems trivial, but its not. Tomorrow will be interesting. I'm happy to be home again today though.

Blame It On The Boogie - The Jacksons

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One would think that being stuck in the house, would cause me to write fantastic blog entries and articles on Hoops Addict. No such luck. I don't feel like writing, I've barely been reading, and my alleged creativity has been mysteriously stifled. Instead, I have been occupying my time on this damn laptop doing God knows what. Its a bit disappointing considering I'm going back to work tomorrow (probably), but oh well.

Yesterday I was a bit worried, but today I am very worried that my flight to Dallas for the All-Star game may be delayed on Friday. The airports shut down yesterday, and they are closed all day today, and who knows what types of delays will be in play on Thursday and Friday. After all the talking(borderline bragging to be honest..sorry) I have done about being able to attend this event, it would be a damn shame if I missed this event. Plus I'm ready to get the hell out of DC for a weekend, this weather is simply depressing.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Would you like to win a free Flip Mino Camcorder courtesy of Hoops Addict? Go here for details.
I have discovered a new level of crazy on this my second consecutive day home from work (4th day home overall). It is the craziness that comes from getting a text from your lady saying, "I just saw the grocery truck!" I was on my way from the pool, and instead of coming straight home, I went to the grocery store, where clearly other people had seen that same truck. The store was packed, the employees were in the process of stocking the shelves, and people like me were snatching things off at the same time. Considering 12-18 more inches are coming, and we don't know when the next delivery is coming, I had to slightly slip into crazy mode in the store. I spent way more money than I should have too. What does all this mean? I am ready to go back to work tomorrow, but its not bloody likely..

If I didn't live in the heart of the city, where bars, restaurants, grocery stores, the pool, Starbucks, etc were all within one to three blocks, I'd have committed a slew of violent crimes right now. But I do, so everyone lives. And if you happen to be stuck in the house or off from work, check out the new Sade. Its pretty good.

Sade - The Safest Place

Monday, February 08, 2010

After resisting the feature for several weeks, I finally decided to give in and incorporate the feature you see to the right of this blog. Its called formspring, and it gives you people the opportunity to ask me questions. You can identify yourself, or you can answer anonymously, whatever works for you. After you ask the question, you can go here and see the answer. Its just a new wrinkle I've added, and as with anything new I try, I reserve the right to revoke this and deny I ever tried it.

Not only was my Super Bowl prediction off, but I lost $50 because of Peyton Manning's inability to close the deal. Thanks Peyton! And I'd like to send a special shout out to all you non football fans who never watched New Orleans one time this year, suddenly shouting out "Who Dat" with all the fake passion, your non-football watching ass can muster. I'd like to see you all go down an icy hill in an ice storm on roller skates.

I'm off today thanks to this snow, hopefully you are too. And more is coming on Tuesday and Wednesday. This is fantastic. I just need it to stop before I leave for Dallas on Friday.

Alanis Morissette - Uninvited

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I am rooting for the Colts to win the Super Bowl today. I love New Orleans, I hated Katrina, and I love the way that city continues to bounce back (they are a long way from being back to "normal"). A Super Bowl win for that city would be a really big deal and it would surely boost everything about the city. It would also increase the number of times I'd see Reggie Bush's face on magazine, and nobody wants that. No, I will be rooting for the Colts. I love Peyton Manning, and I love Tony Dungy who built this team (Jim Caldwell's just pulling a Jon Gruden and riding on the coattails of Dungy).

I say all that to say, the Colts will win tonight 35-32. Ma

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Last night my lady and I were in our local Mexican bar enjoying strong margaritas and stronger conversation. We were tipsy, sports were on the television, and the snow was coming down like nobody's business. To the right of us was this woman who had her homework out, as well a rather tall margarita by her side. I noticed that our bartender was spending a lot of time talking to this woman about her homework, but I thought it was just idle bar stool chatter (something i know nothing about). Then I decided to listen a little closer.

This assclown of a woman had Spanish homework to do, and rather than doing it herself, she had the Mexican bartender doing the homework for her. At one point, this bartender had a pen in her hand, and was writing down something for the woman whose job it was to actually do the homework. At first I thought I was hearing it wrong, but I clearly wasn't. This woman was getting her homework done, and all she had to do was keep ordering food and drinks. It was snowing so hard, that there only a few people in there, so its not like any customers were neglected as a result of this bullshit. At one point, I had to interrupt this student/teacher session to get my quesadillas ordered, and it took everything in me not to say something smart and mean. In hindsight, I should have..Who the hell goes to a bar and gets their homework done?

Anyway it is GREAT being snowed in..mimosas are on the way, crazy people are on skis outside of my window, the Wizards game in cancelled, and there is food galore. Here's a pic right down the street from me:

Friday, February 05, 2010

So last night, thanks to all these damn commercials about Michael Vick's television show, I had a dream about a black Labrador retriever. It started off with me in a park throwing a football with my dad and brother. Out of nowhere, the black lab came up to me, sniffed my crotch the pervy way dogs do, licked my hand, wagged its tail, and the it ran away with its owner. No harm done there. But then, when I got back to my house, I hung up my coat, went to the kitchen to get some water and BAM that same dog was sitting in the kitchen. He ran up to me and repeated his earlier routine off sniffing, licking and wagging. The odd part is I didn't question where the hell this dog came from, or why it was in my house, I just gave it water, petted it, and then went and changed clothes. When I emerged from my room, the dog was gone...But then two hours later, before I went to sleep, the dog was on the foot of my bed sleeping quietly. Again, none of these things caused any alarm with dream Rashad, I just took it all in stride.

I woke up this morning fully expecting to see that damn dog in the shower waiting on me, but I dodged that bullet. BUT, about 10 minutes into my morning walk to work, what did I see? A f**king black lab on a leash. And what did the dog do? Sniff, lick and wag (not that it is unusual for a dog to do that but still). Before the dog ran off, he winked at me, and said, "Remember me motherf**ker I'm still here!"(yeah right) But seriously, I'm looking for that dog every time I turn the corner. Perhaps when I look out of my window when this apocalyptic snow arrives tonight, I'll see the dog making angels and frolicking..

Mother nature is laughing at us by the way. Snow on Friday and Saturday? What part of the game is that?

Seal - Kiss From A Rose

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Today in as-the-field-trip turns, we learn that once again Hampton Public Schools are once again closed due to inclement weather. When I talked to my son last night he said, "Daddy this is getting ridiculous, I'm ready to go back to school!", and while I admire his fervent admiration for higher education, I don't believe a word of what he says. Apparently that Hampton Roads area is even more ill-equipped to handle snow than the DC area. We got less than four inches of snow last night and EVERY school system is closed in the area, except DC schools. And the only reason they aren't closed is 1)they can't afford to close them and 2)some kids simply will not eat without the school systems being closed. With Mayor Fenty's approval rating falling like Wile E. Coyote , he really cannot afford to anger citizens any more than he already has. I got WAY off topic.

So yesterday, my main man and Hoops Addict editor, Ryan informed me that I have media credentials to cover the NBA All Star game in Dallas next weekend. I am definitely pumped up for this event, but there also numerous little challenges and mini-obstacles to hurdle along the way. First and foremost, this is during Valentine's Day weekend, which means I could possibly be in the doghouse if arrangements are not made to accommodate this day (and they are). Second, I can't bring a photographer with me, like I did to my Kareem interview.. I'll have to buy a camera or a video camera, so I can attempt to capture moments and interview people at the same time. Thirdly, since I learned about these credentials so damn late, I am having a hell of a time trying to find a good hotel with availability. My boss suggested I just find any hotel to stay in, and while I agree with her in principle, I'm am still aiming high. That being said, there's no way in hell I'm missing this, and I will be down there. And someone will cut me a side deal.

I got my This Is It DVD in the mail yesterday and the lady and I watched it, and then I continued to watch 70% of th extra features on my own. You have no idea how much I'm going to wear that thing out..guilt free I might add (that's what he said). And if you haven't purchased it, what the hell are you waiting on? Michael Jackson is dead, and he's not coming back thru that door, so we need to cherish the memories he left..end of commercial.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

For the second time in four days, mother nature has planted her big ass in the way of me seeing my son. Because of the amount of snow that hit the Hampton area, schools are closed for the second consecutive day, which means no field trip, no chaperoning, no nothing. I emailed his teacher for like the fourth time in the past few weeks (I know she has to be annoyed at me constantly introducing myself as Carlton's father, but she'll get over it) and asked her what the backup date is. So now instead of sleeping in and anticipating an opportunity to embarrass my son repeatedly, I'm at my desk on 4 hours of sleep. As I typed this entry, I got an email from his teacher letting me know that his trip is now scheduled for tomorrow. Good times!

By the way, let me take some time to promote myself. To the three of you who actually like the basketball, you can go here tomorrow night and chat online with me during the Wizards/Knicks game. I did this a few months ago, but it sucked, because it was a Friday night, and nobody cared. Hopefully Wednesday night will be different. Even if you don't like me, basketball or the Wizards, you can still say hi just to boost my numbers and my approval ratings. Also, here is my article from last night.

I also forgot to shout out my main man Kurt Elling yesterday. Kurt, who I've been trying to get everyone in the world to listen to since I discovered him in 2007, won his first Grammy for his wonderful cd entitled, "Dedicated To You", which was his tribute to the Johnny Hartman/John Coltrane that came out in 1963. I highly suggest you buy both of them, and then I suggest you buy Kurt's whole collection and you can thank me later. You can read the paper on Sunday morning while you watch it snow and listen to his music, you can have passionate sex to his music, or you can just sit there with your headphones on and admire his work. It doesn't matter to me, just trust me and buy it. That's my ringing endorsement of Mr. Elling.

And now to bring my point home even further, I will link one of Mr. Elling's songs entitled, "A New Body and Soul". He took the jazz classic, "Body and Soul" and added his own lyrics.

Monday, February 01, 2010

I fully expected to be smiling this morning, as I typed and recalled the dazzling events of a weekend spent with my son. However the massive snowstorm, the likes of which usually avoid the Hampton Roads area, and hit Washington DC, actually decided to foil my plans. My son was very disappointed because 1)He wasn't going to get a new phone 2)He wasn't getting new clothes 3)He wasn't going to the Wizards/Knicks game, and 4)He would not get to see me. And yes that is the proper order. Now, an additional snowstorm looms for Tuesday, and that could affect his class field trip. They'd have no problem getting from Hampton to DC, but going back could be pretty treacherous. I will not be a happy camper if this happens, as if I have been looking forward to this chaperoning gig for quite some time. Is it possible for me to blame Al Gore?

I did watch the Grammys last night, but I don't have an eloquent rundown. I resent the lack of attention played to both singing and showmanship, that past Grammy performers seemed to take such pride in showing. But I'm not going to slam the show completely, because I sat up there and watched the whole thing(some of it on mute) over the NFL Pro Bowl. I liked Maxwell, I liked Jeff Beck's tribute to Les Paul, I liked seeing Elton John, Roberta Flack and Stevie Nicks, and I'm now a new fan of the Zac Brown Band. I did NOT approve of that b.s. Michael Jackson tribute at all. As I told m'lady right afterwards, only Michael Jackson should be doing Michael Jackson tributes. Play his songs, run some photos of him and call it a day..