Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I realized just now that I had good news in my life on Friday, but I neglected to write about it. I had an MRI on my brain on Thursday morning (it was just as agonizing as I remember) and on Friday afternoon around 5pm, they doctor called me and said that I was 100 percent healthy. The tumor they found on the CT Scan did not show up on the MRI, and the doctor blamed this on artifact (something I had never heard of until that day). I suppose I should be angry that the doctor put me through a few days of absolute terror and negative thoughts, but I am happier that I don't need surgery, radiation or anything of the sort. I still have to see a neurologist because I am still having intermittent headaches, so that concerns me a bit.

Part of me wishes I hadn't said anything to anyone until after the MRI, because I caused lots of people to worry over something that was ultimately nothing. Still, I was scared as hell, and who expects the doctors to be THAT wrong? I sure as hell didn't. Still, any mistake that results in things turning out in my favor is a great thing.

Now, per my dad's instructions, I need to a get the type of job that will allow me to write for a living, so I can finally be happy. I don't need someone to throw the "life is short" cliche' at me right now, because I got a taste of it last week.

Good times.