Thursday, March 08, 2007

If I looked and stared at women (and believe me I do) the way other women did, I am quite sure I would be classified as a creepy, sexual harassing man. This morning a fine woman stepped on the train, with a skirt that came right to the knee, and black stockings that appeared to be fishnet. Aside from me, and this other high school age looking fellow, no other men were around; however, there were at least 6 women around and they were ALL staring. Some had no shame and stared at this woman's legs with their mouths open, while others tried to sneak occasional glances over their magazines/newspapers. I don't know if these women were fascinated, jealous or what, but I found myself getting aroused at their curiosity. And of course, I was staring too, but I'm a professional, and of course I demonstrated a high level of tact. That's what I do..And as a guy, I've never stared at another dude in a nice suit. I may see it and make a mental note, but I won't be transfixed and entranced. Although one time (at band camp) I interviewed this brother, and he had a nice suit on, and I told him so. But we were in a controlled environment, so I do believe this frees me up from having the ghey. Staying with the ghey theme..

Yesterday, during lunch, I noticed this man here at work heating up a Lean Cuisine. Now, I have seen plenty of women big and small, eat these things for lunch and dinner, and I assume it works for them (although frozen, boxed meals like this have an insane amount of sodium). But never in my life have I seen a man bring, and then heat up one. My friend Raydiance said that maybe his girlfriend gave it to him to bring. If that is indeed the case, this dude should have smiled, put the Lean Cuisine in his bag as he left the house, and then ditched it, when he was out of his lady's eyesight. Now I'm not saying that my daily lunch of a sandwich and an apple is exactly oozing with masculinity, but Lean Cuisine the shit ain't.

Ive created a ncaa pool. if you'd like to join, go here.Then:

1)click on join a group
2)click on join a private group
3)the group id # is 54690
4)the password is fidelio

You may have to create a yahoo acct, but dammit I'm sure everyone has or has had one at some point. Good luck, I shall enjoy spanking that ass, Even if you know nothing about sports, play anyway.

Doobie Brothers - What A Fool Believes


hadassah444 said...

Was she really that fine or were they thinking "who in the hell wears fishnet stockings in the winter", LOL

let that man alone, maybe lean cuisine was on sale....

As much as I love sports, I just can not get into college b-ball, I know, Rashad youre screw facing me for this....

Jo said...

Guys eat Lean cuisine all the time. I hear it is actually pretty good. Of course that is coming from someone who has a box of unopened Nutri-System sitting at her desk.

tia said...

how appropriate that the song of the day is "what a fool believes" and your opening line is "If I looked and stared at women (and believe me I do) the way other women did, I am quite sure I would be classified as a creepy, sexual harassing man."

newsflash, homie.