Monday, July 16, 2007

I had to laugh this morning when I walked into the office, because my intern had that same wack song from last week playing when I arrived in the office; however, this time, as soon as I put my bag down, he swiftly walked over and turned the music off, and said, "I know you like to play your jazz on Monday mornings". I played humble on the outside, but inside I was laughing. Only 3 weeks in, and he's trained. Now if I get him to let me settle down for 10 minutes, before he starts bombarding me with his weekend activities. And he's not wearing a belt, so his dress pants are sagging. That is something I actually will talk to him about this morning. this concludes the intern diaries.

I saw a man with a suit and tennis shoes on this morning, and that is not acceptable at all..not to me at least. They make all kinds of dress shoes these days including ones that are comfortable when walking distances. It just seems like as a man, you are waving the white flag when you wear tennis shoes and a nice suit. Its like driving a minivan, or wearing a purse/pouch like a marsupial. Women can get away with it all day long, because some of the shoes that they wear,are damn near impossible to stand in, let alone walk, and forget about walking long distances. Speaking of feet, I don't understand men with foot fetishes at all. I'll rub a woman's feet, suck on her toes, and all that, but you damn sure won't see me up at night pleasuring myself to the way a woman's foot hit the carpet, and then went back up. That is perverse, although I know that really does it for some people.

This is going to be a fantastic week. I'll be cooking tonight for the first time in a LONG time. And if I'm lucky, someone might even eat it.

My Only - Danielle Brisebois
It took a LONG time to find this song, so appreciate it please. Its a nice, mellow song.


Bashful said...

Throw some of your fantastic week dust over this way, please? I have started cooking a whole lot more recently. Eating out is putting on the pounds.

Once again, your poor intern.

maxwellsmusze said...

surely you could've found a prettier pair of shoes... that looks like a barbie does dallas shoe.

Miss Black River said...

OK I think my balls are bigger than your interns. Man up!