Sunday, August 12, 2007

So, while at the beach, I saw a couple of things that I found disturbing. One, was this couple in a breakfast spot right by the beach. My friend and I were enjoying breakfast and we were laughing, joking and all that, but we saw this couple that was doing the exact opposite. They weren't laughing, they weren't talking, there was no eye contact, and the guy was on the phone. This literally went on for twenty minutes, and my friend and I were literally breaking our necks to figure out what was going on with them. Then out of nowhere they started arguing with one another quite loudly, and then the man got up and walked away from the table. Shortly thereafter my friend and I left, and we saw the woman crying, which was sad. It is never good to argue in public, but it makes it WAY worse when you are on vacation and in an argument. I'm not going to automatically take the guys side here, but it didn't look too good for him.

The other thing I saw while at the pool in the hotel was a group of Hispanic gentlemen throwing around the word "nigger" like they were Richard Pryor in his heyday. They didn't even care that my friend and I were right there near them, they just kept right on using it, and I really wanted to say something, but that would have definitely been an ass whipping for me considering there were 4 or 5 of them, and just one of me. I don't know if its rap music, Big Pun, Fat Joe, or if they just have lots of black friends, but something has let them to believe that they can use that word as freely as black folks..who really shouldn't be using it either in my humble opinion. If there ever was a sign that usage of that word has gotten out of hand, that is certainly an example. Or maybe I am late, and this has been going on for quite some time. Either way, it bothered me.

Other than that, vacation is great...I drank beer, shots of vodka, got in the water, walked on the beach and all that..good times indeed. And to top it off, Tiger Woods is playing great. Life is good.

Cruisin (the wet remix) - D'Angelo


Bashful said...

You sound like you are having a great time... I am jealous. I am long over due for a vacation.

Nichole said...

"friend." mmhmm. :D

Anonymous said...

* checks for the belt marks * cuz you WHOOPED!

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

friend minus "lady"...ha ha. A

As for the nigga situation...what if these particular Latinos identified as black? Would that lessen the blow?

Jo said...

The word nigger has been reved in the dictionary to read "ignorant." With that being said, they were perfectly alright in their use of the word. Don't be so possessive of such an ugly and loaded word. If we allow it to morf into something else, eventually the historical baggage attached to the word will lessen.