Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I really don't think the 23 months of jail time Michael Vick was sentenced was bad at all, although that's probably because I am not the one doing the time. But considering he could have gotten up to 5 years, he tested positive for weed in between court dates, and he was in the Commonwealth of Virginia, he got off relatively easy. I was a bit sad to learn that he and his lady just had a baby daughter back in October, which means that girl really won't know Daddy until she's two. How do you explain to your daughter that you went to jail because you fought dogs for 10% of the profit you made on the football field? I would like to be a fly on the wall when that conversation goes down.

I have watched my brother, my father, my mother, my ladyfriend, and lots of my favorite athletes endure back pain and discomfort, and I always said to myself that I would do any and everything to make sure I never had to feel anything like that. Well after avoiding it for 32 years and 11 months, it has finally caught up to me. I told my doctor about it last week, but I guess he figured that my back stiffness was related to the chest cold I had. Well all my cold symptoms have thankfully disappeared, but this back stiffness has increased exponentially. Now I have to turn around and go back to the very doctor who stiffed me (no pun intended) for a week until last Tuesday. I've thought about seeing a chiropractor, I thought of going to get a massage, and I may even try a heating pad here at work, but first I suppose I should go see the doctor and possibly get a referral, and go from there. I sincerely hope that this is just a fleeting thing, because this stiff back is preventing me from working out and getting svelte for my birthday extravaganza in Miami. This can't be what getting old(er) is about.

All for One - Brand Nubian
I post a lot of songs in this blog, and sometimes they fit my mood, and other times I feel like I have a song that not a lot of people have, and I feel like sharing. Then you have times like today, when I just post a song I want to hear. This song is one of my top 5 favorite rap songs EVER. There's no flash. no bells and whistles, just three MCs flowing effortlessly over a minimal beat. In another blog I read, someone asked the question, "What is hip hop?", and a bunch of folks went into these pseudo-intellectual explanations on what hip hop was, is and will be. I simply put the title of this song, and if you listen, hopefully you can hear why. Otherwise, you can just go back to listening to T-Pain or some shit like that.


lex said...

man...i had an hour long "spirited discussion" about the mike vick verdict last night. and then i realized i had other things to worry about - like my own life. it just that i have so many opinions on the subject. he's fortunate despite his stupidity.

i loved BN back in the day - i had the biggest thing for sadat x and lord jamar

have you tried thermacare for your back? i use them so much i need to buy stock. :( @ getting older. its not the years...its the mileage (c) indiana jones

Anonymous said...

Man, that Brand Nubian song is classic...Along with Love me or leave me alone.

maxwellsmusze said...

love today's selection!