Saturday, January 19, 2008

Man I am old. While I was watching my son and his team get crushed (20-6) by a better team today, I just kept remembering my feelings when I was in his position. I remember being a 10 year old playing basketball, and wanting occasional eye contact with my father, and whenever I looked up, he was right there quietly encouraging me via eye contact and hand gestures. Today while Carlton was playing, he'd look up at me, and I did the EXACT same thing. Other parents were VERY vocal to the point that they were talking over the coach, and I always appreciated that my father was never one of those parents..and apparently neither am I. Honestly speaking, my son isn't really that good of a player. He plays basketball like a football player, which doesn't really bother me, because he is a DAMN good football player. But watching him, and remembering my father watching me is one of those weird moments of symmetry. The other weird thing? Hearing coaches, kids and other parents call my son's name. I know that seems odd, but there was a time, when only his mother and I would call his name, and he was too young to even know what it meant. Now he has people calling his name, hoping he'll come through for him. I guess this is what folks mean when they say parenting is rewarding.

I was so into the game, that I didn't really take that many pictures, but I suppose I'll be back down there for next week's game to do just that. I didn't cry when I left him this time, I just smiled and hugged him tight, and then my son said he would call me on my birthday tomorrow. Good times all around.

Open Your Eyes - Eric Roberson

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Jo said...

Go Rashad! What a great daddy you are indeed!