Saturday, February 02, 2008

Two things of note have happened to me in the past 36 hours:

One, I finally got a diagnosis on my back. The doctor told me I have a muscle strain/tear in my lower back, and that is what it causing all the discomfort and occasional numbness. He said he takes an awful long time to heal, because no one really rests their back the way they should in these instances. He gave me some STRONG Motrin that I am to take for several weeks, and that should accelerate the healing process. If in 2 months, I don't feel relief, I have to come back to be re-evaluated. So join me won't you, in rooting for the Motrin

Second, I spent more time with my son. I was supposed to see his basketball game, but the other team decided not to show, so we had to go to Plan B. I brought down a computer for him and the family so that he'll be able to finally have internet access, then we went and got more prepaid minutes for his phone, got a haircut, had lunch, and finally we went and to the park to throw the football around(and yes I was doing all this on my bad back like an idiot). When we separated, he said Daddy, tell your girlfriend and Nazir(my nephew) I said hello and that kind of took me aback, but I said "Will do little buddy".

So now that I have gotten a back diagnosis and some time with my son in, so now I can focus ALL of my energies on writing a Super Bowl prediction post tomorrow.


Miss Black River said...

So glad for this diagnosis. PLEASE follow doctor's orders!!!

Jo said...

Rest the back buddy . . .no jogging or throwing for now . . .PUHLEEZE!