Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Each and every office has that one person who is full of energy on a daily basis. Whether it is Monday or Friday, this person seems to pull from energy from a source not accessible to the common man or woman. This person says good morning to everyone, they ask folks to lunch and keep you out for 2-3 hours, they bake cookies at the drop of a hat, and they may not always be the best at their job, but their enthusiasm alone makes them the most likeable. I went to college with a woman like this, and I used to wonder if why she was so damn energetic all the time, but I never got answer. Well in the NFL(you knew this was going to segue into sports somehow), that person was Brett Favre, and today he officially retired. Bret.

Brett wasn't always the best quarterback; he was rarely the most accurate; and at times, especially during his painkiller/alcohol addiction phase, he wasn't even the best person. But there was something about Brett's enthusiasm that made it hard for me to turn away whenever the Green Bay Packers played. I am not on his nuts the way some broadcasters and journalists were (mainly Peter King and John Madden, but I certainly appreciate his greatness and he will be missed.

I think employers around the country should devise something called "moving leave". Maternity leave allows mothers(and maybe some ghey and straight fathers, I don't know) to have time off so that their beloved child can feel safe and warm with at least one parent around(only to have that comfort violently taken away once kindergarten starts). Well I need the moving leave bill to be signed, so I can take 5 working days off to get my house in order. 1)I'm tired of living out of boxes 2)I really don't want to have my weekend monopolized by this kind of nonsense. Not to mention, folks really don't move that often, so its not like you could abuse this rule more than once a year. I need to devise a petition..who's comin' with me?.....

Undun - Kurt Elling


Chubbs said...

Your "moving leave" idea sounds Canadian...or utopian--but I'm with you.

And we don't have a happy-go-lucky employee in my office--maybe we could borrow yours...I could go for some home-baked cookies right about now.

lex said...

I still haven't had it satisfactorily explained to me why we pronounce his name FARVE when its spelled FAVRE

early in his career did someone invert the R and V, pronounce his name wrong, not be corrected, and Brett just run with it?

inquiring minds want to know.

Moving is indeed a pain and a half. I shudder at even the thought of moving. Im down with your idea of "moving leave" but i fear employers will just say, "well...thats what your vacation days are for. Use them."

Jo said...

RM . . .you're being a bit winey and ungrateful right now . . .you sound like Hillary . . .please stop it!