Thursday, April 10, 2008

Now that I am writing more often, and seeing some minor success, I have no problems admitting that my current job is starting to get on my nerves more and more. Its not so much the work that i do that annoys me, its the people around me. When I write, its a one on one situation. Its just the laptop and I staring each other down, until I can successfully come up with the right words to properly convey my thoughts and feelings. There are no distractions, no meetings, and no one looking over my shoulder constantly. I know that may not be a realistic work environment, but that is what I'm shooting for.

I say this, because yesterday at my job, one of my co-workers came up to me and asked me to contribute money towards a gift, and sign a card for someone who is leaving. Now the woman who is leaving says nothing more than good morning and good night to me, and as nice of a woman as she may be, I don't know her. So to have to come out of my pocket and sign a card for a woman I barely know, is a bit of a inconvenience for me. Apparently others must have felt the same, because when I looked at the other messages on the card, they were about as boring and brief as you can get. It looks like people just signed, because they were pressured to. Plus, this is about the sixth person to leave over the past two months, and frankly, I am tired of signing cards and giving up money, so I'm not doing it anymore. Of course when I try to take this stance, a small degree of guilt comes over me, because my entire office was so giving when they found out a fire took everything I owned from me. The people in my office could have had the same attitude I currently have, but they chose not to. BUT, even with that, giving is a personal choice. And giving someone money because they lost everything is one thing. But giving money towards a gift and signing a card for someone who I don't know and who has decided to find another job, before I did, is NOT an giving occasion in my humble opinion. I know this reeks of selfishness, but it really isn't. I'm just drawing my line in the sand.

I can't be the only one who thinks like this

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Chubbs said...

Um, yeah, I totally don't get the whole "giving money to a person who's getting a new job" thing. I say, don't give it...say you don't have any cash on you, or if you really want to know the deal, ask "now why are we giving this person cash just b/c they're leaving?"

Office people are weird. I'm starting to see that now that I've moved from a 20-person office to a 400-person office.