Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yesterday while my son and I were in Chik-fil-A, a teenager came into the store, and he looked like he was dressed for work. He had on a short sleeved shirt, a tie and slacks. I told my son to take a good look at this guy, and to never, ever dress like that. He asked me why, and I told him not to ask questions and to just do it. I hope he got the message.

I am here in Miami, and it it raining like nobody's business, so my naked romp on the beach has been postponed for a few hours.

On the airplane, I sat next to this guy who dug in his nose with one finger for about 10 minutes, then volleyed his nose findings around on his finger trying to find a home for it. And his arms were hairy..

this is not a good start so far..but...

we lucked up and got a baller ass penthouse room in this hotel. So if any of you people are in Miami, just call or email, and you can come up to our penthouse and do it real big with us. Bring your own liquor though.


Chubbs said...

hey...the rule is: no complaining while on vaca. the rest of us are stuck in 6 x 8 offices and cubicles.

rashad said...

Chubbs, you're absolutely apologies

Anonymous said...

the bus driver look is no good.. :)
Have fun on your vacay..and u'll have plenny time for ya romp. Hope the lady is doing well too.

£ex said...

i'm so jeal you're in miami. How long you gonna be there?

and yeah, like chubbs said - no complaining since the rest of us are toiling in drudgery.

yall's hotel room sounds dope tho.

rashad said...

I'll be here until Tue morning