Friday, November 28, 2008

Two noteworthy moments from physical therapy this morning

One, my instructor had me and my poor back bent in all kinds of positions in an effort to stretch it out. Before she put me in these positions, she would demonstrate how she wanted my body to be. I would watch her, then get into the position my damn self. Now I must tell you that my instructor is a woman in her late 40s, and although she's very much in shape, there just isn't anything attractive on her to me. So when she would hit some of these borderline raunchy positions, my mind would immediately go to how much I would love to put my lady in many of the positions. Well one time I think my mind went a little TOO far, and while I was sitting there thinking we had a bit of an erection situation jump off. I had to strategically position myself away from the instructor for several seconds, so she couldn't see that my nature had risen. She kept asking me what's wrong, and I just blamed it on a back spasm, and I stayed bent over for a bit. She kept coming over to me trying to give me a soothing position to stand in, and I kept shooing her away, until finally things were back to normal. Keep in mind I had on short and tshirt, so it would have been PLAINLY obvious that I was tenting. Crisis averted.

Second, my instructor was talking about how happy she was that Obama was in office, and then she stopped mid-sentence and said to me, "Now I assume you voted for Obama right?", and I asked her why she would assume that, and then she started tap dancing by saying, "Oh I just figured...ok maybe that was wrong..ok who did you vote for?" and I told her that was personal, and then there was an awkward silence. Now keep in my mind, my instructor is a lesbian, so I had already assumed that she was an Obama supporter, but I wouldn't ask out loud. I know that's ignorance more than its racism, but still it was a little annoying. But she was hooking my back so good, I didn't linger on it too long.

My hyperlink function isn't working today, but look to the right, and read my games notes from last night's Wizards game.

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£ said...


you know I'm thinking of the seinfeld episode right?

"i think it moved"

oh and rashad my friend, she totally knew of your um...situation. she was just too professional to state so.