Monday, December 29, 2008

First off, I would like to send a special shoutout to the fans of both the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys. Just a few short weeks ago, you all got great pleasure out of stomping on the feelings and dreams of the millions of Philadelphia Eagles fans out there, and although things looked bleak for us, we never lost our resolve or our composure. Now, a few weeks later, the playoffs are getting ready to start, and your teams will be sitting at home watching my beloved Eagles fly high over your overrated franchises. Let me know how the view is from home won't you? I would especially like to shoutout the Cowboys who were on the receiving end of a serious ass whipping yesterday.

In just a couple of hours or so, I will set foot in my place of employment with the best of intentions. I am well rested from my great weekend, I got plenty of rest last night, and the mild weather has me in a great state of mind. Sadly, this positive mental state does not translate into a lick of productivity. I don't even know why I have to go to work between Christmas and New Year's. I work for the Department of Justice, so most government workers are using their vacation, so it is usually empty around this time of year. Not only am I a contractor who doesn't have the option of using that much leave, but I have used an insane amount of leave this year for various personal issues, so I am stuck at work. I supposed I can write an article for, or write an ad on craigslist so that I can finally get the ball rolling on renting my place out during inauguration. Or I can blog about the top ten songs I'd like to get a strip tease too. The possibilities are endless here.

It is a bit sad that Eartha Kitt passed away, but damn if she didn't live a good life. Matter of fact, I wonder if she wrote an autobiography or some memoirs before she did. I am willing to bet that her and Hugh Hefner are neck and neck for the most orgasms over the age of 70.

Boomerang - Marcus Miller


Never200 said...

enjoy the solitude...when i worked in the office, i loved it when i was almost alone.

Jazzbrew said...

Congrats on the Eagles man. Ya'll are my dark horse pick for the NFC. NO ONE wants to see them right now.

Oh... and I would be remiss if I didn't toot the horn of my beloved Chargers. Talk about a storybook ending... we get a game stolen from us against Denver and we steamroll them a few months later for the division title and a playoff spot.

See you in the Super Bowl bruh.

rashad said...

It was to see LT finally wake up...he and Sproles are tough.

£ said...

Man...that game had me hootin and hollerin...i ALMOST felt bad for the cowboys. Almost. And did you hear tony romo collapsed in the locker room? What is that all about?

Anyway, this time of year is pretty much pointless as far as work is concerned - a lot of folks are out, and those who are in aren't doing much of anything anyway. At least thats what i tell myself to assuage my conscience.

and um...thanks for putting an image of geritol laced sexy times in my head. I really needed that kind of imagery right before i go to bed...

rashad said...

I heard Romo collapsed. So symbolic