Friday, December 05, 2008

I have decided to listen to my father, my boy Sabin and most importantly my girlfriend, and stay home again today. Not only am I missing work but I will be missing the Wizards/Lakers game tonight, and it is bothering the shit out of me. I could have interviewed Kobe, Phil Jackson, Kareem, and some other people I'm sure. Instead, I continue to lay on my back on the couch, with my laptop in my lap, watching sportscenter highlights for 45th time in a row, and its frustrating. I dont do well with having to sit still for extended periods of time, and this is especially hard because I am missing out on something I love right about now.

I should take a picture on how I look right now. My beard needs trimming, my hair needs cutting, my shorts are comfortable, but porous, I have a bowl of cereal on my left side, and empty water bottles on my left, and everything I need and want(except my girl) is in arm's reach. If I were a good photographer, this would make for a very good photo.

And now, an oldie but goodie..

EPMD - So Whatcha Saying

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Jazzbrew said...

Did you see the movie - The Bone Collector with Denzel and Angelina Jolie? Maybe we can do that. I can go to the game in your place with a small camera and walkie talkie. You can see what I see and tell me what questions to ask. I'm here for you bruh...

Your people are right though man. Stay home and rest. I know it's tough but don't hurt yourself.

MAJOR props for the EPMD clip bruh. That was is my jam.