Friday, January 30, 2009

As promised, I strode with confidence in Filene's Basement. yesterday, with hopes of snagging the ultimate nightgown/shirt for my lady. When you aren't in a sexy store like Victoria's Secret, or an outwardly raunchy store like Frederick's of Hollywood, there is a certain element of creepiness about a man looking around in the women's lingerie section. I felt like I was in Silence of the Lambs. dancing around asking someone to place the lotion in the basket. But I powered through, and I noticed that the nightgowns were pretty damn ugly, but the nightshirts had much more flair to them, so I made it my business to hone in on them.

I narrowed it down to two shirts. One shirt basically looked like the dress shirts I wear to work every day, except it was a tad bit longer. The other shirt, had some V-neck action going on, and it was pretty long, but not below the knee. I figured I could donate one of my dress shirts to my lady when I got home, and buy the V-neck, and that's exactly what I did. Words cannot begin to explain how apoplectic I felt to have picked out an article of clothing for my lady. I can barely pick out my own clothes without her help and confirmation, so this was indeed a milestone, whether she liked it or not. It just so happens that she loved it.

Bruce Springsteen. is performing at halftime of the Super Bowl. Bruce effing Springsteen? Don't get me wrong, I love Bruce, I think he's a brilliant songwriter, and if this were the Super Bowl after 9/11, he'd be my man 100 times out of 100. But he's like 60 years old, and most of this true fans will either be a)sleep or b)only tuning in at the half to see him. And if you only watch the Super Bowl to see Bruce, then chances are high that you are only watch the commercials, not the actual game, and you don't deserve to be rewarded with your favorite performer at halftime anyway. The last two Bruce Springsteen songs I know all the words to, are the one from the movie Philadelphia. , the song from Jerry Maguire. that they played during all the sad moments, and I am 100% sure he's not belting those out. And do you know who we have to thank for this rash of safe, but boring halftime performers? Janet Jackson., who forgot halftime at the Super Bowl wasn't hooters on that ill-fated Sunday a few years back. Thanks Ms. Jackson. Now the NFL is scared to let anyone under 50 perform.

Poor Righteous Teachers - Shakilya
This song reminds me of 1991, when my brother and I would come home, shun homework and any degree of responsibility, and just sit in front of the tv, and watch rap videos until my parents got home.

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Chubbs said...

you get 2 gold stars for braving the lingerie section at Filene's! Very sweet! wow.

p.s. i typically do not comment on any sports references, however, bruce is the shit. and he's ultra sexy for an older gentleman. i had no idea he is i have a reason to tune in to the half-time show. yum. (seriously, yum)