Thursday, January 22, 2009

I need some help man. In four days, on January 26th, my mother will turn 57 years old, and I have not a clue in the world what to get her. I've gotten her flowers, trips to the spa, and massages over the past few years, so I can't go to that well again. I really want to get her an IPOD, but I suspect that will just confuse her, and then add to the number of times I get a frustrated call from her at an odd hour. I have NO idea what any of my mother's sizes fact I don't think I've ever known that type of information, because I'm her son, not her daughter or my younger androgynous brother Jamal. When she was married, I could just have a talk with her husband, and just use his 6th and 7th birthday gift options, combined with my own ideas, and I'd have a bangup gift. But not only is my mother not married, she JUST moved to Cleveland, so she doesn't have a special friend, so I'm totally clueless here. So, for those of you who have mothers between 55-60, and have actually taken the time to buy a gift, throw me a rope here and tell me what kind of gift I should get.

By the way, yesterday I made a remark about interracial dating, and someone attempted to call me on it, and that person can kiss my entire black ass two times. If you couldn't tell that comment was tongue and cheek, then again, you can take YOUR tongue and put it on MY cheek(s). Not only have I dated outside my race before, but my son, who I jokingly call a referee, has a white mother, who is a total jackass, but that's not because of her race, but that's another blog for another day. But if you aren't smart enough to know that there are white AND black people who STILL turn their nose up at this phenomenon, then you too are a jackass..either that or a Norfolk State graduate (inside joke). The whole joke was since Barack is allegedly the savior for every other walk of life, perhaps he can bring some positive shine to interracialness(if you will) given that a)he's a product of that and b)white women seem to love him. damn. CAN I LIVE?

Footprints - Miles Davis Quintet
Miles Davis - trumpet
Wayne Shorter - tenor sax
Tony Williams - drums
Herbie Hancock - piano
Ron Carter - bass


Jazzbrew said...

Miles... THAT IS MY CAT. I played Footprints this past weekend with Buck Hill. That dude is amazing. I wish I was home practicing right now instead of preparing for yet another meeting.

I say go with the iPod. Since you have four days you can buy it and cram it with music you know she will love. That will also delay the amount of time before she calls with questions.

Hmmm... then again... I'm not sure that would work since she wouldn't be able to sync it to her computer.

*swing and a miss*

Hopefully the ladies will have some suggestions. My only other thought is a gift card...

Kawana Cohen-Hopkins said...

You should get her something to keep her warm or a gift certificate for something warm like a mink or fur because it's really cold up there. Not sure if she's tight with PETA or not.

Miss. Lady said...

Rashad, you can get her a gift certificate to her favorite store. Or... you can arrange for her to go on a nice weekend get away to some place nice, depending on how much money you want to drop on your mother's birthday.

Chubbs said...

Wait--I don't get it...someone spoke up in opposition of interracial dating? What year is this? Hmmmph. I love white men.

Is your mom looking to get in shape? I dunno--I think a few sessions with a personal trainer are a good thing, or several classes at a yoga or pilates studio. Are there any concerts or plays that she'd like to see? Tickets aren't a bad idea. Or, has she ever wanted to take pottery, or writing or arts class? Why not pay for her class? And hey...why not an iPod. I know many mother types who have an iPod--and once they figure it out, they fall in love with it.

Or instead of a fur, how about a donation to PETA or another animals rights organization.

rashad said...

Where did you play this weekend?

kawana and miss lady,
i think the gift cert. is the way to go, and thank you

the person leaving the comment thought I was making fun of and looking down on interracial dating..

Sab D said...

Really huge jars.

Said Shawn from "Martin"

Jazzbrew said...

I played at a joint in Greenbelt called the New Deal Cafe. I only sat in on 4 tunes but it was great. I'm hoping to do more of that around the city as well.

maxwellsmusze said...

LMFAO @ I love white men!