Monday, February 23, 2009

This morning as I walked to work, I saw this older couple (late 40s/early 50s) sitting in the car in front of an office building. I am going to assume they were married or at least a couple, but I cannot be totally sure. What I am sure of is that they were arguing. I saw him yelling and throwing evil hand gestures in her direction, and then I saw her returning the favor--although somehow she was able to summon a louder voice and more emphatic hand gestures. And then about two minutes later, she stormed out of the car without looking back and he peeled off in the car like he was driving a Ferrari(it was a Buick).

I sat there and thought to myself damn, that is NOT the way to start of a Monday morning. Now they are going to go into work, take out their frustrations on individuals who have nothing to do with the matter, and they may or may not speak to the person who made them mad throughout the course of the day. Then when they get back home, there could possibly be a pride standoff when no one wants to give in and apologize, and that can prevent a resolution from being had. Or, even worse, someone at work will flirt with that man or that woman, and because the one they truly love has messed up their day, they will entertain that flirtation way more than they would on a normal day. If I could freeze frame that argument, and insert myself in that situation(that's what he said), this is what I would do.

I wouldn't take back the argument and the mean gestures, because sometimes, whether you like or not, arguments happen, and it can get heated; however, instead of allowing my lady to get out of the car angry, I would attempt a maneuver. I would sidle up to her hand and hold it gently; I would kiss her on the cheek, and I'd say, "Look let's not let you being wrong spill into our day. I love you and we'll finish this later." She may still stomp out of the car, she may still be mad, and she might even take her anger out on others. But at some point, that kiss and sidling will seep into her brain, and she'll feel bad and possibly come around later.

I have never tried it, but I have always thought about doing this, so I hope it reads as good as it sounds.

Spinning Around(I Think I'm Falling In Love)- The Main Ingredient


GemEnigma said...

"Look let's not let you being wrong spill into our day. I love you and we'll finish this later."

Classic. LMAO!

Jazzbrew said...

LMAO while taking notes...

£ said...

LOL @ pride standoff. you speak truth. pride standoffs are a slippery slope. They can end up in one doing something dumb like chatting up vegetable lasagna and laugh at his lame jokes a little too hard and before you know it he's dropping by your cubicle just to say "hi"and insinuating himself on your lunch plans. Not that I speak from experience or anything. I've just heard stories... yes sidle and sidle hard. it works out better for everyone involved.

nichole said...

boy, you are telling stories, trying to win brownie points. LOL

i need The Lady to post a comment confirming or denying your ability to diffuse an argument with sweetness.

with all your pride and assholia?! lol

Anonymous said...