Thursday, March 26, 2009

If you've paid close attention during the last two years I've been blogging, you know that I am huge fan of ESPN host and former Washington Post columnist Tony Kornheiser. When he wrote for the Post, I'd read all of his works, when he had a radio show, I would listen religiously, and when he appears on some one's podcast, I make sure to download and listen. Even though he comes off as a cranky old man, who constantly rails about how the old days were better, he is an excellent writer, and beneath that crotchety exterior there is a brilliant man. But by his own admission, he is virtually unapproachable, he'd rather talk about American Idol than sports, and he has the attention span of an 11 year old..which brings us to me.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tony last year during a Wizards game. It wasn't an extended interaction, it was just basically a hi/bye situation, and at that time, it was enough for me. There were lots of people around, and I was thankful that I got a chance to squeeze myself in(that's what he said) and say hello. I saw Tony again last night, and the circumstances were quite different. I was walking back towards the press room to get my cell phone, and I saw Tony putting on his coat, fiddling with his cell phone and walking towards the door of the arena.

Immediately I checked my pockets to be sure I had my recording device, and I did. Then I checked my breath to make sure it was minty fresh, and it was. Then in my head I tried to come up with at least 3 or 4 questions I could ask him to get him to talk, and although that was a bit of a struggle, I can honestly say I felt pretty good. Mind you, all of this mental preparation happened over the span of about 10 seconds, so there was no time to waste, although i certainly did my best. So now all I had to do was break into a slight job, say excuse me Mr. Tony, and get the damn interview..but I froze..but with good reason.

On his radio show, Tony used to talk about how he hated being approached and interviewed, because it was awkward, and depending on what he was doing, he would just basically blow you off. Not only would he do that, but then he'd get on his radio show, or whatever venue he was frequenting at the time, and basically rip and laugh at you. When I was just a listener, I would laugh and appreciate this behavior, because it was totally up my alley, and I KNOW if I got famous I would do this at least 30% of the time. But as a journalist trying to get a story, this was NOT a good memory to be etched in my brain. So instead of getting a fantastic interview that I can rave and rant about, I have a fantastic blog about what could have been. I watched Tony disappear out of the door, and I just sat there shaking my head. But the third time's a charm right?

As an addendum, I wrote this blog, BEFORE I knew Tony was going to be on the Today Show.
He Comes - De La Soul
Allow me to say, that if you like hip-hop, and De La Soul in particular, you need to pick up their CD, The Grind Date. Yes its a few years old, but its one of the best CDs you've never listened to, I promise you. Much better than 90% of the hip-hop you currently hear


sixfive said...

Oh man, next time. I've been a big fan of Tony and Mike too, since the days they were regulars on Full Court Press.

Sab D said...

... Most rappers are real hard, but still hardly rhyming ....

.... Whoopde whoop day! (that's what Ghost said)

Kawana Cohen-Hopkins said...

This is my fav CD and has been for like 2 years now.