Friday, March 27, 2009

So I am listening to the podcast of PTI on my way into work this morning, and I hear that this a new book on Larry Bird and Magic Johnson written by Seth Davis that I want to read. Last week I heard Chuck Klosterman on a podcast, and I decided that I had to have this book of his. And then earlier last week, I found out that a book by main man Bill Simmons is going to be re-issued with about 84 new pages. Besides the fact that I listen to way too many podcast, I was able to glean a pretty important fact about myself, and that is I don't read enough.

Currently, I have about 6 books that I've bought over the past year, that I've barely started. I basically am treating books the way women treat shoes. I like the way they look, and I cannot immediately use them, but I know at some point I will, and when the moment comes..ta daa they will already be in my possession. That is no way to treat something as precious as a book, but I do it nonetheless. Typically how it goes down, is I'll buy a book, ride the momentum of that exciting purchase for about a week, and read the first two chapters of it, and then I abandon the book. Either a sporting event will be on, or my lady and I will get caught up doing something, or I'll be writing..but I don't get back to reading.

Just two weeks ago when my son was here, I stressed to him the importance of reading all the time, and not just at his age, but all his life. I told him the more he read, the better his vocabulary would be, the more he would know, and the more impressive his writing would be. But now here I am collecting books like AIG collects bonuses, and nothing is being accomplished...that is until today.

Today is March 27th. I vow to read a book a month for the remainder of the year, and after I finish, I will post a review on this very blog. I figured if I said this, as opposed just thinking about it and keeping it in my head, all 5 of my readers would take me to task and hold me to it. You may be saying to yourself, "A book a month? That's nothing". But let's delve deeper.

The following sports events are coming in the month of April:
1)The NFL draft
2)The NCAA Final Four and Championship game
3) The Masters Tournament (pronounced tuhn-a-ment)
4) The NBA Playoffs

Wish me luck.

Clipse of Doom - Ghostface
This song is far from worksafe, so use your headphones. I work out to this song, and I suggest you do the same. Ghostface is for the children


£ said...

Son.. a book a month? that's nothing. (sorry I had to)

but yeah I'm with you, I have been slacking on my reading and I'm just now attempting to rectify it. I used to go hard... two or three a week, but lately its been way too haphazard. Fortunately a friend got me a book as a gift and it so good that its sparked my triumphant return to my schoolmarm bookworm-ish ways.

So yeah I'm looking forward to those reviews. Just make sure they're not all sport related tomes please. I like watching sports, but I don't want to read about them. :-P

sixfive said...

actually, I thought "a book a month? that's a lot". Not that one book one month is a lot, but 8 books the rest of the year might be. Anyway, do it.