Thursday, March 12, 2009

This morning on the train, I watched this married couple talk, laugh and joke around with each other for 10 minutes(which is how long I was on the train). They talked about dinner, watching The Office later, and what their plans were going to be for the weekend. While I was listening and watching, I found myself saying, "Damn, they sound like my lady and I." This couple seemed totally oblivious to the millions of people on the train around them, and I immediately wished my lady was with me, so I could ignore everyone too. But she wasn't so I was forced to stare.

When my stop came, I guess the wife's stop came too, and they hugged tight, they told each other to have a nice day, and then the husband leaned in for a goodbye kiss, and the wife backed away. The husband thought she was joking, and he leaned in again, and this time the wife leaned back, but then put her right hand up and said no. Now I don't know if anyone else saw this, but I damn sure did, and I laughed out loud(by accident) and they both looked at me, and I looked away and acted like this man. At this point both the husband AND the wife got off the train, and before I went up the stairs to the train station, I heard this conversation.

Husband: What the hell dude, why are you backing away?
Wife: I don't like kissing you on the train and in public you know that?
Husband: Dude you're my wife, what's the big deal? what the hell?
Wife: I'm not going to argue with you here, I love you, and we'll talk when we get to work
Husband: Oh come on Marie(her name I guess), that's bullshit

And then she walked away, and was on the stairs not too far behind me. That is some cold cold shit man..frigid even. I am not the most affectionate brother ever made, but I kiss my lady damn near wherever I want (that's what he said), and I give the proverbial (and sometimes the actual) middle finger to anyone who dares to say anything. Of course I don't get flagrant with it, and grope her like a pervert in a club, but I show subtle affection. But if I leaned in to kiss my wife after a fantastic train conversation, and she snubbed me, I do believe I would go into an apopletic fit right then and there. That's just wrong.

I will admit though, 18% of me admired her boldness. I bet they talk later and she'll apologize, and he'll be angered a bit, but then he'll be engulfed in the throes of his work day and he will forget all about it. Then as he's on his way home, the husband will remember his wife's actions, and it is quite possible his anger will return as he steps in the house. But the wife, being the intelligent woman that she is, will get home just 5 minutes before he does, so that when he steps in the door, she will have her knees comfortably resting on the welcome mat and then......

Minnie Ripperton - Inside My Love

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Chubbs said...

and then...??? :-)

she should have let him ravage her. why not? that IS bullshit.