Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yesterday while I was in line to pay for my wine, I noticed the woman in front of me was a bit too chatty for my taste. It was late, I was eager to get back home and relax for the evening, and here this woman was talking about God knows what. Finally I started to say something, but when I listened closer, I noticed the delay was due to what she was purchasing, not just her incessant small talk. In addition to wine, she was in the process of buying an impressive assortment of lottery tickets. There was the Powerball, the pick 3, and at least 10 scratch off games, which according to the cashier, could win you up to $ money.

Usually when I see people go crazy on lottery tickets and things of the sort, I silently judge them. Why spend money on something that is such a ridiculous long shot? Why even go to sleep at night, fooling yourself by thinking of lavish ways to spend the money you don't have ? It just seems like torture to me, and I looked at this woman, and thought..she's going to drink wine, pass out, dream of hitting the lottery, and wake up with nothing but a hangover and a useless receipt. But then I snapped out of that line of thought, and remembered that we are waist deep in a recession, and for many people, hitting the lottery is dream worth spending money towards. I totally get that.

So after I purchased my lottery ticket, I walked out of the store, went to my house, and quickly though of lavish ways to spend the money I did not yet have (no hangover this morning though). This was the FIRST lottery ticket of any kind that I have purchased in my 34 years on this Earth. I don't know what the current Powerball amount is, I don't even know when the drawing is taking place, I just know that spending one measly dollar has my eyes wide and full of stars and hope. That's harmless right? It's not like I'm going to keep going back everyday, wishing and hoping...But if I DO win, all my readers get a car...You get a get car.

The Manhattans - I'll Never Find Another

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Sab D said...

The most Oprah I've watched in years ... But I got my eye on a convertible (in my Jeromey Rome there's-a-panda-on-life-support voice)" want to hook it up?"