Friday, July 03, 2009

Yet another reason why the possibility of having a daughter makes me nervous..

After I completed my post swim shower, I walked out without a towel on my body. I had already noticed that the locker room was empty, since it was the day before a holiday, so I figured I could air dry for once. As I turned the corner, I noticed a little girl standing right in front of a stall. Apparently her father was in the bathroom doing god's work, and she was standing outside of the closed door. And here I come completely naked, and she looks at me and waves and says "Hi there!". Meanwhile I am scrambling to put on my towel without dropping my bathing suit and after awhile I just starting walking fast towards my locker. A few minutes later the father comes out, and I apologized to him, and he said it was no big deal, but I just felt weird.

Its already traumatizing enough for that little girl that she has to stand outside of the stall while her dad is on the toilet, but then strange men are just gallivanting around naked in the locker room. She looked to be about 3 or 4 years old, which is around the time memories start to stick. Maybe it won't affect her at all, maybe it will, who knows, but it made me squeamish.

And speaking of that, why does the man have to bring his little girl to the men's locker room. Why can't he go in the ladies locker room, where the little girl will feel more comfortable? That way, no one is seeing anything new. The little girl will see bodies that she's probably familiar with, and the father will see bodies that he has seen before as well, plus he may see a little something extra for his trouble. What's wrong with that? The other nude women in the locker room will be mad for a second, but when they see the little girl, they will put at ease. Why can't this happen?

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Damon said...

Rashad, you are a mess. I not only have a daugter but a granddaughter as well. It is not easy having young females that you are responsible for. I had the pleasure of bringing my 2 year old granddaughter home from New York via Airtran. I too, took her to the men's room to change her diaper. Actually relieved the men's room had a baby-changing station, I became increasingly uncomfortable with the thought of what she might see in that men's room. So brother, I will tell you - there is NOTHING like baby girls!