Monday, September 21, 2009

Torture is when you stay up eating, drinking and having lively conversations on a Saturday night after Mayweather's dismantling of Marquez. Torture is also trying to watch the Hampton/North Carolina A&T game that you recorded earlier that day, at 2am. Torture is thinking that staying in bed until 4pm Sunday afternoon to offset staying up late the night before, is smart, not realizing that it means you won't sleep Sunday night. The funny games your head and stomach play with you the morning after a night of imbibing and eating spicy wings is a special form of torture that can make it challenging to watch football (but I pulled it off). Torture is getting in bed at 1am, not because you're sleepy, but because you know if you don't at least try to take your ass to sleep, Monday will be a larger struggle than usual. And then when Monday arrives, and you MAYBE slept two hours the whole night, and you're at your desk at 8am with your eyes barely open, that's torture. And finally, when you remember that you have a 90 minute training to conduct at 9:30, you realize that your 36 hours of torture is complete. But what makes it all better? Monday Night Effing Football.

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Sab D said...

One of my all-time favorite videos - simply sensuous Sade!