Saturday, May 08, 2010

First off, please read my latest article.

Second of all, I never realized how much work was involved in planning for a wedding. Every single detail has to be covered from the venue, the invitee list of the wedding and the reception, figuring out whether we can do it indoors or outdoors, taking the weather into account, the tux, the wedding dress, wedding bands, etc. Part of me wants to just pay someone to figure all of this out for me, but that is simply not realistic. Its our wedding, and we need to have an active role in it. Still, its a pain in my ass, and I totally understand why folks just say f**k it and go to Vegas. I also have a larger appreciation for good wedding planners. They should be charging way more than they already do.

And lastly, I'm going to be on Fox Sports Radio on Sunday night at 11:30 for a 5-7 minute interview. If you're awake go to Fox Sports radio and check me out. If not, hopefully I'll have the link on Monday for you to listen.

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£ said...

Just the thought of planning a wedding is making me tired. lol. Vegas or J.O.P often seem like the least painful alternative. Anyway, its good that you're going first. that way when my turn comes, i can just hit you up for advice and save my sanity in the process. hooray for trail blazers! :-)