Monday, September 20, 2010

I will now document yet another reason why I hate people who don't understand sports..

As I have mentioned probably one too many times, my son is now playing football. First he said he wanted to play, then he quit, then he came back and earned his starting job back. His first game was last Thursday, and he had two tackles, but his team lost. Still he is just now getting back into the swing of things, and judging by the tone of his voice, he is pumped up, and frankly so am I. Yes I wish the games were on the weekend instead of Thursdays, but I'll take a day off soon to see him, no big deal.

So, last night as I'm talking to my son, I mention that I want to take this Thursday off, so I can drive down to see him. He mentions to me that he won't be playing this week, and when I ask him why, he tells me that his mother has planned a family trip to Mississippi this weekend. They are leaving on Thursday morning, and they will return. He will be missing school (an issue I won't even touch right now) and he will be missing his game. I asked him how he felt about that, and he said he was disappointed, but there was nothing he could do about it, but he was mad that he may lose his starting job.

So I spoke my son's mother, and she told me that she would be sure my son got his school assignments for the day he was missing, and that it was "no big deal to just miss one football game". I tried to explain to her that in an abbreviated season, where my son already has missed time due to his indecision, one week could cost him playing time and his starting job. Again, she hit me with the, "its just a game, and he'll be fine" and at that point, I just waved the white flag and hung up the phone. My mother used to say that kind of thing when I was young, and luckily for me, my father would jump in and let her know how important it was for me to attend to my sporting events (it was basketbal and soccer for me)..but they were married, so he had that "power". I have no such power in this particular issue and it infuriates me.

Anyone, male or female, who has played competitive sports during the summer, spring or fall, knows the importance of making all the practices and the games. Everyone is fighting for playing time and the coach's good graces, and you don't get anywhere when you miss time..even for a family trip. And unless there is a death in the family, why the hell are you taking a mini-vacation at the end of September? That's what the summer or a three-day weekend are for..

Rant over. Its Monday morning, so I'll attempt to keep my attitude positive. I stumbled on this jazz clip yesterday while I was looking for something else. Sarah Vaughan is on the vocals, Ron Carter is on the bass, Dizzy Gillespie is playing trumpet, Herbie Hancock is playing piano, and Billy Higgins is on drums. This is classic stuff whether you're a jazz fan or not. The song is 'Round Midnight.

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Jazzbrew said...

Classic. I had never seen that before.