Monday, October 25, 2010

I forgot my glasses today, so please forgive any typos you may see as a result of my inability to...but what I DID see this morning around 8:30, was a woman picking up another woman. Allow me to explain..

I was at a crosswalk waiting for the "walk" sign, and I was standing next to this woman with a nice suit, an umbrella and her ipod on her ears. She was an average looking woman I suppose..And walking towards us (disobeying the "do not walk" sign I might add) was a more attractive woman with cleavage galore, short skirt (not a hoe-ish skirt, just shorter than usual for the workplace). I looked at the woman and then looked away (per the engaged man handbook) but I did notice they had a "sharing moment". They stared and smiled at each other, and at first I thought they knew each other professionally or something..but I was wrong.

The cleavage lady said good morning, and the woman standing next to me said good morning how are you..then the woman standing next to me commented on the other woman's short dress, and the short-dressed woman commented on her suit; then they asked each other's name, shook hands and began a conversation and then of course the "walk" sign came on, so I thought my chance to eavesdrop was over...but I was wrong.

The cleavage lady decided to follow the suit lady back across the street in the direction I was going, which meant I had a front-row seat to what was going down. I started walking a little slower, and I turned the volume ALL the way down, so I could hear some of this conversation, because it felt like a pick-up situation. The cleavage lady was in town for some sort of week-long conference, and the suit lady worked at Hanley-Wood, and lived in D.C. There were other details I couldn't hear, but I DID get the money shot: they exchanged numbers and said I hope to see you soon..but they did so with that smile and that handshake that says, "Yeah I am SO hitting that later.." I know this look..I'm guy.

After that, the cleavage lady walked back in her original direction, and the suit lady went into Starbucks with a big smile. The one on my face was bigger though..Now I realize these two women could have been involved in some role play type deal, but who does that at 8:30am? I prefer to believe that this was a real live lesbian hookup that I saw..with no glasses.

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