Wednesday, December 01, 2010

So I lost my umbrella yesterday, which meant I had to buy a quick replacement umbrella before starting my journey to work. Unfortunately for me, all the umbrellas at my local drug store where the size of a flaccid phallus, so I begrudgingly bought one, and then I decided to take the train rather than walk to work. I couldn't have people seeing me with that puny umbrella.

As SOON as I got on the train, I noticed this couple kissing, groping and just being f**king disgusting. I'm all for love, and selective public displays of affection, but at 7:30 in the morning? No one needs to see all that when they are en route to work. I was only on the train for 5 minutes, but during that time, this couple barely came up for air. Luckily for me, right before I got off, the train came to a quick and sudden stop, and the dude not only had to stop kissing his girl, but he reached (and missed) for the hand rail to hold on and fell on his ass. I mean FLAT on his ass.

I laughed out loud as did a few others, and then I reached my hand out to help the brother out. And then the following conversation went down;

Him: I fall, you laugh, and then you help me out, no thanks chief
Me: It was funny sir, but you could still use a hand
**at this point his woman steps in and helps him up**
Him: I'm fine a$$hole
Me: Now is that nice?
Him: Is laughing at someone who falls on their ass nice? Its pretty f**king disrespectful if you ask me, but I guess that's what you're about
Me (as the door opens for me to get off the train): You're right, I'm wrong sir. Now go back to groping and kissing your lady, show me that good, respectful train etiquette

Now I heard the man say something else but I had put my headphones back on already, and Kanye West was telling me how much of a Monster he was, so I didn't hear. Personally, I think it was pretty admirable of me to stop laughing and help the man up, as opposed to the other folks who kept right on laughing and did nothing. Clearly this brother disagreed.

I realize no one probably cares about this but me, but I'm curious as to whether anyone else thinks I was in the right. The lady tells me that I need to improve on my public behavior, and I think this was a start. Plus I left on a high note which isn't easy to do.

One more question for you the reader..if you and I were friends, whether it was online, in real life or just via blog comments, would you be offended if I deleted your blog from my blogroll (which is over to the right by the way)? There is one person who I initially added to my blogroll because they seemed relatively pleasant, but their blog entries are terrible and elementary. This is my blog and ostensibly I can do what I want, but again, I'm trying to be a frequent traveler of the high road at this point in my life.. It just annoys me each and every time I see that person write something...

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Notorious Kim said...

What a douche. He should have thanked you and laughed it off.

When I accidentally set my hair on fire in a room full of people the other day, I was rollin' (after I put out the flames of course).

rashad said... set your hair on fire? are you ok? And were you filming a Pepsi commercial?

Notorious Kim said...

lmao.. everyone refers to MJ's horrible incident when I tell them my story. I'm fine - no injuries other than a shattered ego.

Jazzbrew said...

I highly commend you for keeping the conversation between the two of you lighthearted. Being called an a$$hole would have probably set me off and I'm with you on the public displays...

And no... I would not be offended if you removed my blog from the listing. It ain't that serious and it's your blog!

maxwellsmusze said...

this is the rashad we all know and love...however, i cannot believe you let someone call you an asshole but...then again the someone was on the damn train floor. win-win!

Steph said...

Amusing story! He felt a certain way when you offered him you were testing his man hood. Oh well. Alls well that ends well.

as for the blog's your blog, you should add and subtract who you wish. I randomly add and subtract people. Do you. LOL. but now everyone on the side will be checking your blog to see if they were the one. (i'll cry if it's me...seriously. lol. nah i would be hurt but such is life)