Friday, July 22, 2011

Last night as I watched tv with the wife, I took time out of my precious evening to concoct a mixtape for lifeguard at my pool (read that sentence about five times, and I promise you that the ridiculousness of it will kick in around the third time). All that stuck in my head was that he wanted some smooth R&B and some smooth rap. Initially I was having a devil of a time trying to designate what was smooth, what was jagged, what was hard, etc. Then, once I realized no sex, money or fame was going to result from the success of this mixtape, I smartened up and just picked some songs that I saw fit for him to have.

So this morning before I did my mile swim, I delivered the mixtape (on cd), and his eyes lit up like he had just won the lottery. He thanked me for remembering, and then he said, "So it's smooth right?", and I said, "Absolutely it is smooth!". Then he asked me if there were all kinds of music on there--which completely went against the strict smooth guidelines he had previously laid down--and I said there was R&B, and there was hip hop. He was visibly disappointed by this news, so I put on my mixtape scientist hat and explained to him that mixtapes with multiple genres on them were no good and a bit confusing. I stupidly told him that if he wanted different types of music, that I could make him another mixtape, but this particular one was all smooth, all the time. He bought it and the smile returned.

He did not saying anything good or bad about the mix after my swim, he just told me to have a nice weekend. I have no clue whether he'll like it or not, but I did my best...I did my best. Here's the mixtape I gave him:

1)Here I Stand - Usher
2)Looking for Another Pure Love - Stevie Wonder
3)Can't Get Over You - Joe
4)Find The Way - Eric Roberson
5)My Peoples- Raheem Devaughn
6)Just Like That - R. Kelly
7)Crush - Zhane
8)Pretty Young Thing (Demo) - Michael Jackson
9)House of Cards - Foreign Exchange
10)The Newness - Eric Roberson
11)Want You to Know - Vanessa Marquez featuring Justin Timberlake
12)Umi Says - Mos Def
13)Nag Champa - Common
14)Gettin Up - Q-tip
15)Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest
16)You Got Me - The Roots
17)Climax - Slum Village

I probably could have done better, but oh well


£ said...

lol @ all smooth all the time

The playlist looks good to me. You have zhane's crush on there which is one of my all time favorites. You know how I feel about the PYT demo and the vanessa marquez jammy jam. Hats off to you my dear.

Amy said...

Erro for the win!