Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First off, young Nyles is still sick, although his cough and congestion situation is definitely improving. We are hoping he can return to daycare on Friday, if not next week. He has gotten me sick as well. I tried to go to work yesterday, which was a disaster, and today I feel marginally better, but not as good as Nyles.

I should be writing the press release my brother asked me to write, but I'm just not feeling up to it yet. But what I AM up to doing is recording and narrating yet another video of my son. I know my friends, family and others are annoyed at the barrage of videos I seem to be recording and posting, but I can't say I really care. I enjoy it way more than writing about the details of my mundane life..

And now, more Nyles:


Jazzbrew said...

This right here made my day man. That was great.

Anonymous said...

please change the title of your video. when its done playing youtube has wants to bring up other "wrestling matches"

rashad said...

The title stays.

maxwellsmusze said...

TOO DAMN CUTE!!! That book did something to him:)