Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I have always had a love/hate relationship with white women/girls. When I was in high school, 80% of the women I was interested in were white, since 90% of the school was white too. The black women in high school thought I wanted to be white because of the way I talked, or they thought I was too short, too skinny, or perhaps too ugly, so they gave me no play. The white women always flirted with me, but I always suspected it was because I was "safer" than the other typical black dudes at my school. I was smart, quiet, and I wasn't about ruffling any feathers. I slept with one white women back then, and I did my share of fooling around. Then I went to a black college, so for 4 straight years, I dealt with all kind of black women, and I was able to re-appreciate them; however, I still managed to sneak a sexual experience with a white woman in there, and she just happened to be the mother of my son. I love her for having my child, but a relationship of substance never really materialized. It was just straight boning(i know that word is a bit sophomoric, but I've always liked it.) Since I've graduated from college, I really haven't dated too many white women. It's not due to a lack of interest, because I have come across some very attractive ones, but the interest isn't always reciprocal, which is fine. There are and have been plenty of black women who continue to tickle my fancy, but that doesn't mean curiosity doesn't seep in from time to time. And I have broken down white women into 3 categories..

First you have the white woman who grew up around other black women. She may not admit to wanting to be black, but her mannerisms, her slang, her musical preferences, and yes her taste in men, point to a certain degree of blackness. Her parents resent her choices a little but she doesn't care. Even as she gets older, she retains this love for black men and culture. Then you have the white woman who in high school and college had the best of both worlds. She dated white dudes and black dudes, and was able to do so interchangeably without missing a beat. This girl typically was an athlete in high school, which meant all the dudes wanted her. Even while in college, this woman continued to play sports and date the rainbow, but slowly her tastes veered towards white men. By the time this woman graduates from school and gets into the real world, they are only dating white men, and they really don't acknowledge their rainbow past. Of course in some cases, this woman will continue to fool around with the brothers in their 20s and well into their 30s, but when it comes to marriage, they will ultimately marry white..and who can blame them. And last but not least you have the white woman who doesn't date black dudes. She has them as friends, but the thought of dating them is something she just cannot wrap her mind around. As she gets older, even her black male friends start to dwindle, but she doesn't mind, because she is happy. She's not a racist, and she doesn't hate the brothers, she's just lost in her world of white men. This is typically the type of white woman I like..I respect the fact that she doesn't want or need me, and I accept the challenge of trying infiltrate and eventually penetrate her world.

Of course what I have written is borderline stereotypical, and I'm leaving out the racist white women, but for the most part, I feel like those are the categories. I typed all this, yet right now I am interested in a beautiful black woman. Go figure.


Hannibal said...

stop playing in the snow man...
*shakes head

Brandon aka Shortcut said...

Man you are entertaining. Keep up the blogging and you'll be on somebody's web site then in somebody's mag.

I love it.

I don't have a thing for the bunnies, sorry. I can only relate to the breakdown of types but my pride will never let me like something that has disdain yet curiousity. I can pump em full of pipe but then what? Just giving into their mandingo fantasy without them understanding how deep we really are? I get their mouths pregnant. that's it.

King Leo said...

You forgot the fourth category of white women: Latinas. I am a latino that loves black men - my ultimate man is a black latino. I notice that, despite my brown skin, my black brothers refer to me as white. If they are hot and good in bed, I will take the time to explain to them that I am not white, otherwise, I will leave them at the curb.

As for me and white women, they are great friends and usually are more friendly and open than black women, or latina women for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Felton....u r to funny but I feel and respect you for that, keep givin'em throat babies.