Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I don't know if its irony, unselfishness or what, but about 5 minutes ago I saw a homeless woman using half a loaf of bread to feed some pigeons. Very interesting.

Anyway, I continued my annoying ritual of waking up at 5am, which is about an hour and some change earlier than I really need to be awake. But instead of laying in the bed trying to devise a plot to take over the world, I got up and just happen to stumble on Chris Rock's, 90 minutes of comedic genius entitled, Never Scared. Now I've seen this about 5 times already, and I always catch something new depending on what I'm going through in my life. In one particular section, Chris speaks on three situations one can be in: 1)happy in a relationship and bored and 2) in a bad relationship where drama makes everything exciting 3)single and lonely. Now I am quite sure Chris was oversimplifying to strengthen his joke, but on some level he is definitely on point. I know dudes who are married, love their wife, and are happy, but they miss that level of excitement the single life allegedly brings. Then I know people who are bad relationships, and they are constantly knee deep in some form of drama that they seemingly thrive upon. And then you have those people who are single and in some form of self-exploration that will lead to them being better mates and better people as they continue in their quest for Allah and Justice(ok I made that last part up but you get my point).

I've been the happy, bored relationship man for a hot minute; I also have spent time in the wonderful torture chamber also known as the drama-filled relationship, and I've spent the least amount of time in the reflective, Allah and Justice mode, and that is probably where I belong. But I've been fighting it off like it was grim death. But my recent, day-long scrap with my lady friend has me wondering if I really do need to stop fighting it off..not the grim death part though. I didn't do anything wrong this time, and neither did she, it was just a difference in opinion. But that difference of opinion escalated into an all out jihad against one another. It had the feel of a drama-filled relationship, which was in stark contract to the smooth sailing it had been throughout August and the first week of Sept. And as a friend of mine said to me yesterday, it seems like it is taking a shorter time for you to sabotage your friendship/relationships..which is debatable but probably true. So right now I'm in a reflective mode by default. It makes for good blog topics, but it is annoying to have to be thinking about this kind of stuff again. But as my father says, that is life my man. Deal with it.

Other observations:

-Jamie Foxx is incredibly annoying. He was Monday Night football last night, and instead of just giving a nice humorous interview, he felt the need to be "on", and it was just annoying. For my sake, I hope he's on his 14th minute of fame. Yes he's talented, but I see way too much of him. Of course he could very well say, Who the fuck are you Rashad..

-Tony Kornheiser is rapidly improving in his Monday Night Football role. And he's challenging Joe Theismann more, which is what he should have been doing from the jump

-My beloved Philadelphia Eagles are 1-0, while the rest of the division is 0-1.

-Last night in the barbershop, I witnessed one of those priceless moments. A nice looking woman with a Serena-like ass, walked by the barbershop. Within a second, all 6 barbers stopped cutting and ran to the window to get a front row seat. I chose to set aside my reputation as a leader, and I followed everyone else to the window to get a look at the ass myself, and it was indeed a beautiful thing. So here were 8 grown men(the high school "intern" was looking too) pressed up against a glass window looking at this woman's ass, and none of us thought to open the door to convince her to come in the shop or even try to talk to her. Brilliance personified.


Hannibal said...

self sabotage is old and played...rather than sabotage..don't instigate situations beyond the physical if that's what is wanted at the time.

and the barbershop thing was priceless...hahah

Jo said...

Rashad: You certainly are a writer. I love seeing the world through your eyes. The barber shop scene was unimaginable! Also, it's good to know men also spend over half of their life thinking about relationships. I always thought only us women did. And as for the Allah and Justice stage in life . . .you know I'm all over it. You should certainly join me. Misery absolutely LOVES company!! ;o)

Jo said...
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Jo said...

P.S. The homeless woman was probably feeding the birds not out of selflessness, but out of selfishness. They brought her joy and company. Have you ever gone to a lake and fed the birds? It's a wonderful thing AND you are in total control. You can disperse the bread to whichever bird you choose and the others are helpless. Unless of course they fight, which they do. So, was it selfless, I think not. It was more selfish, but in a GOOD way.