Friday, September 15, 2006

So this morning I walked past that same short yellow bus that I walked by about two weeks back. It was sunny this morning, instead of raining, and I guess the mood of the kids was much better too. When I walked past the bus, they all pressed their little noses against the window of the bus and waved at me. I enthusiastically waved back to the kiddies as I walked by, and I smiled(ok I was laughing, but my heart was in the right place). After seeing that I felt obligated to have a good day. I'm not just living for me anymore, I'm living for a bus full of short yellow bus kids.

This is the first weekend in a long time I don't have any plans with a woman I'm interested in, and I must say it is a bit refreshing. I am supposed to have lunch with a friend of mine tomorrow, and my boy Kevin is supposed to come in town, but aside from that, no plans. I know there will be a time when that bores me, but on this particular occasion I look forward to it. I can watch both college and professional football, do some writing, some housecleaning, and just relax.

Not much on my mind this morning..just looking forward to this weekend. It's been quite an eventful weekend. I have two more songs to leave as a parting gift. I'm not doing this shit everyday, it just so happens I am moved to do so this week.

Invitation by Norman Connors
Brown Sugar by Mos Def

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Jo said...

Yeah Rashad, the free weekends will get boring sometimes . . .when that happens, I try to get creative and make up some stuff or start up on the things on my to-do list. When I begin to think about all the stuff I haven't gotten to yet, I get unbored real quick and watch a movie or something. It's not too bad AND I am getting caught up on so much stuff.