Friday, April 13, 2007

Some airport and on-the-way to the airport observations at 12:49:

-During my walk to the train station, a man of Arab descent ran by me at full speed with a briefcase in his hand. All kinds of thoughts went through my hand, and some of them were downright racist and full of negative stereotypes. I felt bad..this has been a week of racial politics like none other..why couldn't this happen during Black History Month

-I am sitting down, eating quesadillas and drinking margaritas waiting for my flight. This white gentleman is sitting down for 15 minutes, and not one waitress(all white by the way) comes and helps him. He says this is bullshit, and he stomps off. But before he does, I look at him and say, now you know how we feel..and busts out laughing. Rashad Mobley..bridging the racial divide since 1975...

-I look real pretentious right not eating, drinking and laptopping(a new word)..and I don't care one bit. I'm the New Negro Alain Locke spoke of...or at least I am in my head

-i am supposed to be writing an article about the importance of men taking time to regroup and get over someone before jumping to another relationship. Men jump from person to person without ever getting over the past, and I know this because I have had that market cornered for a good 8 years. but i can't seem to write it..I've started and stopped about 5 times. I wonder why that is...

that is all for now

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Jo said...

Love it, Love it . . .I hope to hear a bit more of the blog once you land in ATL today!