Saturday, April 14, 2007

I finally got the opportunity to meet my nephew Nazir yesterday, and it was quite an experience. When I walked in the house, he was in the process of getting fed, so it was difficult for him to make even a little eye contact. But at one point he stopped eating, and looked me up and down. I could see the momentary confusion in his eyes when he looked at me, the my brother, then me again, so reassured him that Jamal was indeed his father and not me. After he eat, his mother put him on his blanket on the floor, and then she went upstairs, leaving he and I alone for about 20 minutes. I crawled on the floor with the young fella, and I said allow myself, to introduce myself. I told him who I was, that I would be around for a long time, and that it was a pleasure making his acquaintance. He looked me dead in the eye for about 10 minutes, then he starting moving around trying to escape the safe confines of the blanket. He would grab the blanket, wiggle his around a bit, but he really wasn't going anywhere, and I found that quite amusing. So then I got tired of watching his ass struggle, so I picked up him up and bounced him around, and we walked and talked. It took me back to 10 years ago, when I used to do this with my son. Thank god i'm done..that's not a reflection on my nephew at all either. Its a reflection of the amount of time and effort it takes to raise a young child especially. Although I am continually told I shouldn't give up, I sincerely doubt it will happen.

I also marveled at how cute and effective my brother and his wife are..this is a side of my brother I rarely saw before..there was compromise, love and affection, and all that good stuff in marriages. I didn't try to picture myself in their shoes or any of that stuff, I just appreciate seeing them. As i am writing this, I hear the baby crying downstairs, so his uncle will come to the rescue..


Bashful said...

Awwww Rashad I am glad to hear that you enjoying getting acquainted with your nephew. This entry was so sensitive and I like when your sarcastic arse has these moments.

Jo said...

Ummm . . .were you drunk when you typed this entry? There were like maaadddd typos and stuff . . .you sounded a bit illiterate at times. But, I was able to decipher it all . . . although you did seem to be a bit tipsy as you typed! LOL!