Monday, April 02, 2007

Well I fully expected to be home and in my bed by now, but it didn't happen that way. Due to bad weather, my flight was cancelled, and i'm not scheduled to come home until Monday morning, at which point I'll go straight to work. Technically, I need to be in the bed right now, since I have to be at the airport at 4am, but I'm hard headed, and I wanted to type a bit before I went to sleep. I'm sipping Merlot, and watching the tail end of When We Were Kings.

I had a great time this weekend overall. Sometimes going out of town isn't so much about doing everything a city has to offer, but rather getting out of the boring day-to-day routine of your hometown life, and that is exactly what I was able to do. I played (and won twice) at Scrabble, talked about life, politics, Ali, quitting my job to write, and many other topics. It was fun and a learning experience all at the same time, and i definitely need to see to it that I travel a little bit more. It'll keep me sane, plus it will add some spice to my writing, which at times i probably need. It never hurt to diversify just a bit.

This evening i went to see this exhibit entitled Body Worlds, and I found it to be quite fascinating(said in a bri-tish accent). There were the bodies of real life people, and they were preserved enough for every day people like myself to see inside of them. I saw the lungs of a big smoker, the liver of a big drinker, diseased hearts, etc, and it was way more fascinating than any words I could capture it with here. Honestly, it was quite creepy, but it also made me much more conscious of the effects of putting inappropriate things in my body. It also made me realize that I need to put forth a deliberate, concerted effort to take care of my body, so that when I get a bit older, it can still run like a fine tuned machine. I saw the body of a 50 year old man who died, and his heart was enlarged because he was overweight, some arteries were clogged, and I instantly thought that I needed to get on the road to wellness and fast. My problem is I get on it, and then I fall off the wagon. I need to find sustained motivation somewhere.

I wouldn't mind giving Chicago a try as a place to live. Great restaurants, lots of culture, numerous sports teams to cheer for, etc.

I'm sure I'll blog at some point tomorrow afternoon, but not in the morning. i'll be en route...

Want you to want me -Tanya Morgan


Jo said...

Yeah . . . definitely gotta hit the gym . . .it is a must after that exhibit! LOL!

Bashful said...

Glad you had a good time Rashad... I eat healthy but I know I need to hit the gym. You know I am not trying to sweat the ole relaxer

asabi said...

i'm from chicago. its a great town if you can deal with "da hawk". i have no desire to. i saw that bodies exhibit also on a trip to nyc. amazingly weird. loved it.