Saturday, June 09, 2007

One of my biggest flaws is me not being able to keep my word. Some of my friends just accept it as who I am, others get extremely mad and call me on it. I've lost relationships over this, I've been yelled at over this, and I have had people lose faith in me as well. It is something I vowed to change after so many people came through for me after the fire, but I'm not doing a good enough job. I hate it when people I love, like, or respect start feeling different about me because of something I did NOT do. Its the equivalent of your dad saying, I'm really disappointed in you son. It doesn't physically hurt, but it lingers in your mind and hurts mentally. I missed a hiking trip this morning, and I didn't meet up with someone I was supposed to see, and I feel like dirt. I had valid reasons for both, but the bottom line is I didn't keep my word, and that is something I plan to eliminate ASAP. I think I'm a decent friend, but in order to maintain those friendships, I have to be more reliable. This feels like diary, but man it was on my mind and I had to get it out.

The same night that I wrote my article about game one of the NBA finals, my favorite writer in the Bill Simmons did the exact same thing. I'll let you decide who did a better job. But it shows that great minds think alike..I think.


Bashful said...

Rashad, I think it is good that you noticed your flaw and how it affects other. I think it is even better that you are committing yourself to changing. For the most part it shows how much you value the relationships you have with others.

Jo said...

RM . . .whatever . . .what I think you do is over-extend yourself.

At the beginning of the week you might have felt like hiking, toward the middle of the week you felt like getting together with your friend, and then when Saturday came around, you just felt like chillin'. I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. As long as you canceled and didn't stand anyone up.

And hey, if your friends didn't call you in the event you didn't, then they probably weren't up to it at all either. After all, last week you were supposed to be making a trip up here . . .I didn't hear from you by Friday, so I knew that wasn't happening.

What I have come to learn is that real friends KNOW who you are and don't put THEIR expectations on you.

You are one who wants to please everyone . . .and my friend, this just won't happen - not in your lifetime . . .or mine. So, don't even try. You will set yourself up for failure. You just be you.

Jo said...

PS. Are you sure you didn't know Bill Simmons was gonna do that? Whatever the case, yours was better . . .It was more play by play. He got caught up typing too much.