Monday, July 09, 2007

A friend of mine has been reading the book, "The Secret", and every now and then she takes time to share with me a lessons or words of wisdom she has come across. I had heard a little about this book, but as with any other book that everyone is reading, I usually just brush it off until the hype dies down a bit. But the lessons that have been shared with me, are actually pretty useful and interesting..and yes some of them are common sense but everyone needs gentle reminders. So why do I mention it this morning? Because I was fully prepared to bitch and moan about this heat, and how sweaty it has me at only 7am, and how cranky it has folks all around me. However, the combination of "The Secret" lessons and the good sermon my mother laid on me yesterday, has me feeling a bit more positive about things. And all this positivity could vanish by noon, but I'm going to try to ride it on out a bit. Of course all this makes for a boring blog entry, but its Monday what do you want me to do?

One more word about church. I am convinced that I need someone there with me every time I go..whether it be my brother, a girlfriend, a cousin or something. I can't tell you how many jokes came to mind while I was sitting there, and I had NO one to share them with. And yes I got all the lessons I was supposed to get, and yes I behaved for the most part, but dammit there are some quality jokes to be had and shared in church, and they really aren't as effective when you're attempting to share them to someone who wasn't there.

You Don't Have To Worry (remix) - New Edition and Missy


lex said...

The weather is indeed an old man trying to send soup back at a deli.

I won't complain though. I've been wanting it to warm up for how long?

As a rule man is a fool...

Also, its like totally no fun when you have jokes and no one to share it with. Especially when they are "of the moment" jokes. You have all of this bottled up witty and no outlet. its painful.

Miss Black River said...

This may be a good tome for a blog-batical. You know a break from the rigors of your blog - a sabbatical if you will. Just some time to redirect your energy and decide on what to do next. Several organizations that I'm a member take time off in the summer. It gives us all a chance to renew and refresh.

LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

I accidently read the Secret. I didn't know about all the hype until after I ordered it. I also noticed that the dude who married my best friend is a contributor.

I'm cool with the concept expect for the part where it says if you want to lose weight don't look at fat people because then you will be thinking fat thoughts. I died laughing and stopped reading after that.