Saturday, September 08, 2007

As I mentioned in the blog a little while ago, my mother is now the Provost at Bennett College in North Carolina, and since she's been there she has told me a lot of interesting stories. But today she told me something that is very disturbing. She mentioned that someone on the campus was sexually assaulted, and although that is always a big deal, when it happens on an all women's campus, the crime is magnified ten fold. My mother mentioned that in response to this assault, they had a meeting with faculty, students and some parents about this crime, and they discussed what women can do to prevent this crime. My mother mentioned that when she was at George Mason, they would tell women not to let a man make their drink, because they could slip anything in their to "convince" them to do something that they otherwise wouldn't. This got me to thinking..what kind of guy slips something in a women's drink just to get some sex? Seriously, that makes ZERO sense to me. There is always a woman, especially on a college campus, who gladly gives up sex. And even if there isn't, in this day and age, how can a man not come up with enough game to swindle a woman into giving it up. I cram to understand that logic...There's no need to force a woman to give up the sex..the Anna Nicole's, Kim Kardashians and Superheads were put on here on this Earth for guys to get need assault, rape, etc...I'm being cynical, but I am serious here. Sorry to get semi preachy on a Saturday night

Don't Be Cruel - Bobby Brown


Bashful said...

Rashad, sexual assualt is not about getting sex; it is about have power over someone. It is about the ability to manipulate some one through fear.

GemEnigma said...

...and sometimes not even fear, but just to have complete control.
All in all, it is very cowardly and indicative of the level of sickness we have walking among us.