Monday, September 10, 2007

So yesterday, in the middle of Big Brother and the Cowboys/Giants football game, my boy Cliff calls me and asks me an interesting question. He asked if it was more politically incorrect to not believe in God or to not like or want kids. My initial reaction was to say that a lack of belief in God will definitely get you in trouble, especially considering we are in an era when religion is not only more profitable than ever, but it seems to be much more out in the open(television, internets, a plethora of books, etc). But honestly, I think to not like or want kids is the bigger offense. Granted, I know plenty of men and women who don't like kids and have little to no desire of procreating. For the longest time, I felt like my son was enough and I was definitely done, but I always left the window(waitress...inside joke) open for me to meet an influential woman who I really loved and could change my mind, and that happened. So when I meet folks who think like I used to think, its no big deal. But there are others who had SUCH good parents, and they had such a good childhood, that they cannot possibly fathom not continuing the good tradition, and having some kids on their own. And when they meet non kid lovers, they go into a mini tirade about the beauty of kids and how GOD wants us to have kids and he says so in the this was a paragraph long way of me saying that I still think not believing in God is the bigger "crime".

Yesterday was simply beautiful. Football was all over the place, and once again my fantasy fooball teams performed immaculately. I watched Tiger win a golf tournament, I saw some of Federer's US Open victory, and I took the time to briefly take in a festival with my friend. Not a bad Sunday at all. I won't even mention that my Eagles lost on the last play of the game.

Ambrosia - That's How Much I Feel
This is one of those songs that you think you haven't heard until you listen to it, and then you realize that EVERY time you're in a department store, it is quietly playing in the background.


Sha said...

look at u multi-tasking...cute

Kawana said...

Yes, it is sad that dudes have to "slip you a mickie" to try to get some (which would be called rape!). My mama always said, never leave your drink unattended. I'm surprised there are young women how don't know that.

What's up with Brittney Spears? Those poor kids. They gonna get it when they go to school.

Janelle said...

What's even more politically incorrect is people passing judgement on others. Whether I choose to have no kids or 10 kids by 8 baby daddies or whether I give the big middle finger to religion (which by the way, Jesus is my homeboy so just in case the pearly gates do exist, I'm cool with him..hahahaha, its my choice. I'm sick of people who think something is "wrong" with you if you don't buy into their shit.

Yeah I'm ranting today. need another vacation. hahahahaaa

GemEnigma said...

Well what about those of us who didn't like kids to begin with...ended up knocked up and decided to continue through with the Mission: Parenthood joint...and STILL don't like other people's BADAZZKIDS?! Oh, and my childhood was GOLDEN. I'm just selfish and like to do my own thang, ya know?

Eh, I say, in regards to what is more politically incorrect (awesome question, "Cliff"), the "God" card wins out. Most people won't condemn you to hell for not having kids. Just my 2-point-three cents...