Friday, October 05, 2007

George Bush needs to appoint a leader to round up a committee of folks, whose sole job it is to re-evaluate this country's holiday situation. I am quite sure that there are some holidays that can fall by the wayside, and there are others that certainly need to be added. For example, while I appreciate this Monday off, the whole idea of Columbus Day (or as my friend's sister calls is Thief's Day) is a joke. We clearly know that Mr. Columbus didn't discover America, so we should just erase this day completely. Conversely, the Thursday that March Madness starts is a legitimate holiday, and needs to be recognized as such. Millions of men and women around this fine nation of ours, have to pretend like they are working, when what they are really doing is checking their grids, and looking at to see the latest scores. Why not just free these people from that torture, by making it a national holiday called March Madness. Since there are games on Thursday and Friday, we can call that Thursday, "March Madness Eve" and Friday, "March Madness". I don't know the process to get holidays added and deleted, but you'd best believe I"m googling it after this wonderful bit of prose i have typed this morning. The nation needs this, I need this and most importantly, the streets need it.

So for 8 years, Marion Jones denies she took steroids, and even sued folks who implied that she did, and then yesterday, she decides to tell truth. I'm not surprised at any steroid admission anymore, but I am disappointed at one thing. If you are going to take steroids, then dammit you need to get your money's worth, and break a world record or something. I mean gold medals are nice, but in track and field, world records get just as much money. I mean Flo Jo did it, why couldn't Marion Jones do it?

Runnin' - The Pharcyde


LittleTortilla stays in DC said...

Flax seed oil my ass. All of Belize is ashamed.

Bashful said...

What I really want to know is, what made her tell the truth after all this time? Is it going to change anything for her aside from possibly having her medals taken away and serving jail time?

Janelle said...

If George Bush rounds up a committee for Holidays we would have holidays like "Weapons of Mass Destruction Day' where we snoop in our neighbors shit and find everything illegal and "Gynecologists give love to Patients day" where...well I think thats pretty self explanatory, "Shady Billionaires Day" where all the weathly spread all their money out and roll around in it and all us poor folks would have to watch, and last but not least " I don't care about black people Day" where the entire country can tell Black folk how they really feel about us and not give a crap

lex said...

I've never had a Columbus day off since i joined the workforce...that is one holiday thats eluded me, and continues to now.

And as far as Ms Jones? I didn't believe her, and then because of all the protestation, I did believe her(kinda). Eh. What was the motivation behind the disclosure though?

nickels said...

"they don't make 'em like flo jo any more."
that's exactly what i told mcmoody as we watched this story unfold.

we need to send our athletes through some kind of PR/money management/health & wellness boot camp.
their dorm rooms will have poster-sized images of a black grandmother, paused in the middle of scrubbing floors, with a caption that reads: "don't let my sacrifices be in vain." or "don't throw away all of my hard work."

or something.