Monday, December 17, 2007

Some weekend observations:

- I am in a football pool with my ladyfriend, and I am getting my ass kicked. In the pool, we have to pick the winner of each game using the point spread, and I just continue to lose. Bill Simmons, a sports columnist over at ESPN, is in the same type of pool with his wife, and he too is getting his ass kicked. His excuse is that people who are sports fanatics, tend to overthink these things, while non football fans just make a decisive pick based on what they know, and don't turn back. I think I'll use that same justification for why I am losing.

- I saw this woman on the train who was full Navy gear. She had the hat, the jacket, the correct posture, and that intense look, which I assume are staples for the Naval Academy. This woman was sitting down reading the paper, but she had her index finger WAY up her nose not once but twice. I think the first finger she put up there was more of an exploratory mission, just to see how much was in her nose. But the second time she went up there, she stayed much longer, and apparently she found what she as looking for, because I saw her take her finger out of her nose, and gently put her findings in her Navy jacket. The Eddie Murphy are-you-just-going-to-leave-the-booger-in-your-jacket scene from the Golden Child came to mind. Clearly she hasn't gotten the memo that a thumb is way more classy than just going up there with a finger.

-I went to a wine and cheese tasting/party this weekend, and now I am obsessed with stealing that idea by having one of my own. The white wine and the cheeses that went with it were on table, and the same went for the red wine. Everything was labeled, neat and I was pretty impressed. I usually don't thrive in social settings like that, but I more than held my own I think. And of course it didnt hurt that the wine flowed freely. Also, during this party someone (my girlfriend) spilled some red wine on the carpet, and I was fully prepared to break out my cleaning technique I explained in this entry Unfortunately, the host of the party had this spray called Wine Off or something like that, and he beat me to it. I was very disappointed that I didn't get to use my remedy in public. I really wanted to spill more wine somewhere else and try it, but I'm sure I would have been kicked out.

Come Along With Me - Joe Sample and Lalah Hathaway


Miss Black River said...

Ewwww yucky on the Naval cadet!! As a former debutante and etiquette coach I am truly appalled. How do you do that in public??

lex said...

*shakes pom poms*

gooooo ladyfriend! i love when the ladies kick their dude's tookuses

not literally but you know..

wine and cheese tastings rock. sorry you couldn't be captain save-a-carpet but im sure there will be plenty more spills and thrills in the future in which you can display your prowess

Brian said...

Glad you enjoyed our wine and cheese, definetely steal any of our ideas for your own. You'll have to tell me your wine clean up technique. A few were mentioned to me as I was spraying.

Janelle said...

My observations
-The lovely ladyfriend kicking your ass in the football pool is proof that football is not rocket science and that yes you overthink and analyze the matchup. Try picking teams but weather and uniform coordination, and see how much money you win. Hey, it worked for me.

-Navy girl is soo used to being without tissue and the comforts of home. No more public nose picking should be yet another reason to bring the troops home.

-You are the Black Larry David. If you ever guest starred on that show I would die laughing. Literally. hahahahahhahaa