Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nothing of note to post this afternoon. The doctor shocked the hell out of my nerves, and now I feel all jumpy. The results come in 2 to 3 days, so again the waiting game is here. I'll tell you what though..since Dec 1, I have spent nearly $200 in co-pay, and I am STILL not complaining. Can you imagine how high these bills would be without it? I would be on the corner selling my body(or at least one part of it) for money.

On a totally unrelated note, I found an article yesterday that I am going to share with the blogging public. Tony Kornheiser, of ESPN and Washington Post fame, used to only write for the Post. He wrote in the sports section two or three times a week, and then he would write in the Style section on Sundays. This article that I am about to post, ran in the Style section, and it was written shortly after his father died. Now my father is still very much alive, and I am not posting this to be morbid. I just think its a solid article, that always motivates me to call my parents.

Fire in the Sky by Tony Kornheiser


lex said... must elucidate on your "shocking" experience.(im sorry couldnt resist)im picturing you with electrodes all over the place. like terminal man! or that episode of the simpsons when they were shocking each other.

@ any rate i'm glad you're getting checked out. and i hope you've moisturized your situation now that the drs visit is done. lol

dude. thanks for the kornheiser article. im not only motivated to call my parents but to call my grandparents.

Jo said...

That was really a nice blog article! Thanks for sharing.